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We are not certainly how long Cls-communication has been in the translation business. On its website is a listing of case studies that goes back to 2012, so we are assuming that the business was launched in 2011. It is a part of Lionbridge, a parent translation company with locations in North and South America, Europe, East Asia and Australia. Cls-communications advertises the same locations.

To determine the quality of translation work, we have conducted a lot of web-based research, focusing on what reviews we were able to find from former clients. We thoroughly studied the website content, and we ordered a small project that involved a blog post translation from English to French.

The following is the result of our investigation.

Services Offered

Cls-communication states that its basic services include writing, editing and translating and that it services most sectors – legal, finance, life sciences, insurance, and public – as well as media and marketing and website content. We accessed individual pages about several sectors. Unfortunately, the content was pretty thin and redundant, speaking again to its basic services, so we did not get a lot of detail about specifics or qualifications and background of the translators they used.

There is a full listing of languages, and that is pretty comprehensive.

We do wish that there was information on machine/human and/or combinations thereof. While digital translation has come a long way, services that rely heavily on it without human review and intervention lose quality. And translation services that use humans to review and manage all translations say so on their sites.

Prices and Add-Ons

Pricing is completely absent from the website information. A potential customer must actually place an order if they want to get a final price. And in order to place an order and get pricing, a user must join Freeway, a Lionbridge platform, which operates a number of functions. Once a user requests access, one of the team members contacts that user, and they go from there. User can access machine translation, a terminology dictionary, etc., and set up customized translations. Fees are charged for all of these.

We requested a translation of a blog post. Pricing was above average for the industry, and the result was less than thrilling.

Quality of Services

From customer reviews, there are a number of issues. Many who consulted with human translators after their project was completed by Cls-communication found that terminology was lost in translation, and meanings were changed. Our experience was the same. Further, key content had been truncated.

We looked through some of their case studies. There were several from 2012 through 2014, none in 2015, one in 2016, and none in 2017.

Pros & Cons

We were hard-pressed to find a lot of positives about this company, other than it was a part of Lionbridge, which has somewhat of a decent reputation. However, it, too, seems to rely heavily on machine translation.

Among cons are the difficulty of placing an order (going through Freeway), failure to provide at least generalized pricing, and the customers’ comments of disappointment.


Translation Report believes that there are a number of other translation services that are far more transparent about both their pricing and their translation methods. And the fact that there virtually no case studies for two years is cause for concern. We do not recommend using this service.

Although it was invented in 2013 their experts still havent learned what it takes to perform high-quality translations.
I asked for urgent one too, and I didn`t get it as urgent as wanted. Like wha? Show me that I can trust you! Will think twice before relying on smth like cls-communication

It does not look like a reliable company at all because they claim to work with technical translations, yet my engineering project proposal became a total failure. The terms were translated all wrong. Avoid this company for serious requests.

They use machine translation all the way and do not even check their translations for grammar or formatting. When I specified some obvious errors and changes, they just ignored me. For the price that one pays, it is beyond belief!


Actually the most expensive service I have ever used. And to the pity, the most unreliable. 100% it was the last time with CLS.


Shady pricing scheme and they obviously use machine translation, which is unfair as they charge quite a lot!

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