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Writing a USLanguageServices review was a relatively new experience for our team because none of us could recall ever hearing about this company. It appeared a decade ago, and during this time, it has gained lots of positive comments. But that’s what made it suspicious in the eyes of multiple visitors: they read enough of our reviews on the best translation websites to know that 100% positivity is rarely possible. This motivated us to start our research. USLanguageServices is situated in Maryland, and it serves clients all over the world. It provides a limited range of options, focusing on translation alone. Its website looks average — there is no unique design that would stay in your mind for long, and while the content is fluent, sometimes it sounds overly complicated. If you were thinking of hiring it, hold on. Read about our findings and decide then.

Online Services You Could Order Here

When we read US Language Services reviews, we saw some people admiring the diversity they found in this company. Its site also claims that it’s ready to handle every need of its clients. But in reality, we found only two major options: simple translation and certified translation. No transcription, no localization — this surprised us negatively since the company has been operating long enough and could have expanded its list of services a while ago.

As our team noticed in our USLanguageServices review¸ these translators work with 35 languages. Again, this isn’t a lot. Most other services provide more options to their clients. The plus is that this agency handles projects in all kinds of spheres, from financial to technical and creative ones. If you need help translating your text into one of the major languages, you could find quick assistance in this place. But we wanted to find out whether these services are efficient. That’s why we placed an order for translation in the business sphere: the project had five pages and we expected to receive them in five days.

The Most Intriguing Part of USLanguageServices Review: Prices for Translation

Prices differ across various companies. General projects cost less while USCIS translation services tend to be more expensive. USLanguageServices charges average prices that will please most of its customers. While the final estimation depends on multiple factors, such as language combination, subject specifics, type of project, and preferred deadline, the standard cost here is $0.12 per word. You could ask for a discount, but you need to discuss it with the managers first. These guys prefer to have at least one day for translating 500 words, but the terms are also negotiable. We enjoyed this side of USLanguageServices and we appreciated its approach to payments. For our own order, we paid about $200 — this covered 1500 words. In comparison to other agencies, this is a normal amount.

Translation Quality and Timeliness of Delivery

As we mentioned before, reviews are positive in nature. They all praise the company for its top translators, citing timely project arrival, fluency, accuracy, and friendly attitude. Our experience confirms some of these words yet refutes others. True, our translator delivered the business plan we asked for on time. Their attitude was professional and welcoming, and we hoped for the best quality as well. Alas, our expectations were not met.

Us Language Services translated all five pages of our project, but two sentences were missing. One of them was technically irrelevant, but the second one was vital, and its loss frustrated us deeply. Grammar was mostly fine, yet we saw the same problem we noticed on the website. It was difficult to make our way through text at times. It sounded convoluted and overly dry. Business plans should be formal, but they shouldn’t sound so boring and complex that they’ll compel people to fall asleep. Several sentences were close to being mistranslated as only a part of their meaning was conveyed accurately. Punctuation issues were annoying and almost ruined the entire picture. Translators of this agency aren’t bad, but they need to improve their language knowledge and be more careful when they are working. If they cannot produce absolute quality, managers should hire editors who’ll proofread each project before submitting it to clients.

Pros & Cons of Using This Translating Agency

When people order immigration document translation services, they hope for qualified help and a professional team. But as our review demonstrated, not everything is so perfect in this language agency. If you don’t have time to read the entire review or want to see an objective outline of the strong and weak sides, look at the info below.


  • Affordable prices. Clients have to pay reasonable prices for translators in this company. One word costs about $0.12 — this is an average sum. Sure, you might prefer to contact cheaper services, but note that most professionals won’t agree to work for less. It is better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to quality.
  • Satisfying experience. As we indicated in our review of USLanguageServices, the company has been working in the translation industry for over ten years. This is a good chunk of time, and the fact that it managed to stay in this highly competitive industry confirms its authenticity.
  • Friendly employees. We enjoyed communicating with members of this team. Everyone was friendly, helpful, and professional: they answered all questions and their replies arrived quickly.
  • Positive reviews. All USLanguageServices reviews we managed to locate were positive. Like our visitors, we find it odd and suspicious since even the best translation services do not have a 100% satisfaction rate. But facts remain facts, and in this case, USLanguageServices enjoy an excellent reputation.


  • Bad service diversity. The company works with experts who specialize in limited services. You won’t be able to order anything but translation, though certified options are present.
  • Insufficient quality. is it reliable? It is not a bad service but it’s far from great. Our translation was missing several vital sentences and required thorough proofreading. Translators didn’t pay due attention and diligence when doing their job. Our experience might not be universal but we cannot praise an agency that didn’t serve us properly.
  • Overly complex policies. USLanguageServices has revisions and refunds, which is great, but its policies are much too complex. Clients need to remember when they must ask for improvements or their money back, in what way, and under which conditions. There are countless conditions and keeping them all in mind is impossible — even further, it’s very difficult to get your situation to fit them. The company made the process of compensation annoying and difficult.
  • Unclear info on discounts. While the company has a graph where clients could indicate their discount codes, it shares surprisingly little info on them. The best bet, in this case, is to contact managers and discuss each situation case to case. You won’t find advice or details on the website.

Final Assessment: Concluding US Language Services Review

USLanguageServices is an experienced company, but it provides limited translating options. Such projects as game localization services and video transcriptions are not available. Clients could only request help with a general and certified translation. Prices are moderate, but quality varies. Ours wasn’t perfect by a long shot. Overall, this isn’t a terrible agency, but it needs improvements before it can become reliable. If you want to use right now, we don’t recommend it. For now, there are better providers out there.


Hi! I have tried this service twice already and both times I got good translation for a good price. I have recommended the company to all my colleagues and will likely use it again in the future.


I was surprised by the price for the translation because I thought it would be a little cheaper. The good thing is that the translation was of high quality and I didn't pay that much for nothing.


I used this translation service for a personal document, and while the translations were accurate, I found the language used to be a bit stiff and formal. The customer service was responsive and professional, but there were a few delays in the project that were not communicated in advance. It is a decent option for translation services, but not exceptional.


I recently had a game translated by this service, and my feelings are mixed. While they managed to capture the essence of the game's story and dialogue, there were still some areas where the translation fell short. Certain phrases and cultural references didn't quite hit the mark, leading to moments of confusion. It wasn't a complete disaster, but it also wasn't a seamless experience. If you're not overly particular about the finer details and just want a general understanding of the game's content, this service might suffice. However, if you're a true gaming enthusiast seeking an immersive experience, you may want to explore other translation options.


I needed a translation from English to Japanese and I found this service. I uploaded my document and selected a language, expecting a smooth and accurate translation. However, what I got was, to be honest, so-so. The translated text was full of mistakes and clumsy phrases, and I could tell right away that they had put little effort into improving it. It's frustrating to pay for a service that promises accuracy but doesn't deliver. This was probably my last request here.


the translation could have been done better for the money


Everything is good except the price


The process of using the translation service was simple and straightforward, but I didn't notice anything new or unique.


I found the translation service to be a reliable option for translating documents.


It took them 24 hors to translate my documents and I would say the quality is satisfactory.

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