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Best Languages to Learn for International Communication

Best Languages to Learn for International Communication
Best Languages to Learn for International Communication

Written by Henry Mcdowell, follow him on Twitter.

Understanding another language means more than simply speaking it. It creates a window into a foreign culture, letting people acquire a new kind of mindset and relate to things they could have never comprehended before. But which are the best languages to learn? It’s one thing when you are forced to study something because of educational or professional pressure, but when you have a choice, you should think carefully. We’ve gathered information about some recent linguistic trends and made a list of ten cool languages you might consider learning. Take a look at it — maybe one of them will draw your attention, motivating you to get relevant materials and start your long cultural journey.

Most Useful Languages and Things That Make Them Interesting

In our days, there is a surprising surge in the need for best translation agencies. More and more people want to establish international connections and ask professionals for help. But what if this wasn’t necessary? What if you could pick any language you want and start exploring it? You don’t require any higher goal for this, your genuine interest is enough. Afterward, you’ll be able to work or communicate with its native speakers yourself without any problems.


No matter what kinds of linguistic lists are made, English is an obligatory part of each of them. It’s an international language that is practiced by more than a billion people, which makes it most popular on a global scale and one of the most useful languages. It’s also relatively simple. By learning it, you’d be able to freely travel to such giant countries as the US, UK, and Canada. Millions of books, TV shows, historical materials, and fan fiction stories are going to become available, providing you with an increased number of entertainment outlets. English is going to remain popular for decades still, so getting to know it is advantageous on every possible level.


Like English, Chinese is extremely popular, and it’s one of the most popular languages in the world, too. It has a billion speakers, and while the majority of them are Chinese, many people from other countries start learning it as well because they find it exciting and valuable both. China is dominating in such industries as manufacturing and energy supply, and it covers a rich culture. As one of the oldest languages, Chinese is represented by numerous unique artifacts, poems, sculptures, as well as other works of art. Numerous people are intrigued by it to a point of looking for the best translation site that could help them find Chinese translator services to adapt the content into their native language, but being able to do it yourself any time you want is undeniably more empowering.


This language has been traditionally viewed as romantic because of all associations with Paris, the city of love, as well as other amazing French monuments that fill it with the atmosphere of gothic mystery. But associations aren’t the only thing that makes French one of the top languages to learn. It’s an incredibly melodic language with a charming accent. Once you start studying it and once you acquire an accent, you won’t want to stop using it. Traveling through France and seeing its landmarks while perfectly understanding every word people say is another significant advantage of such a decision.

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At this moment, Arabic is arguably among the most important languages to learn. It’s a language of development, prosperity, and new opportunities. Arab countries, particularly the UAE, are intensifying their cooperation with the rest of the world. The development, art, culture, and architecture there are stunning, so you might appreciate a chance to visit them or even find a job there. If you’re already involved with Arab representatives but don’t know how to communicate properly yet, be sure to hire top Arabic to English translation service for assistance. They’ll help you deal with all occurring linguistic problems.


It is spoken by half a billion people, with more than 20 countries officially practicing it. Living in Spain is becoming more prestigious since the prices for accommodation there are affordable while nature and climate are soothing, especially in specific locations. Not to mention that Spain has lots of interesting events like carnivals that you could understand fully only by joining native speakers. It’s considered a rather simple language, too, so learning it could be quick and efficient simultaneously, and for confidence in your documents or your work, use the best Spanish translation services.


Multiple individuals will tell you that German is the best language to learn. In a way, they are right. Many highest-paying industries value this language a lot. Considering how many books, historical and otherwise, are written in German, it certainly requires a professional German translation service and linguists to cope with it. This language is hard, though, at least in accordance with most conducted surveys. It has a structure that differs from the one typical for the majority of other languages, so it could take a while before you speak it confidently. On the other hand, succeeding despite all obstacles would only make the victory sweeter!


Centuries of religious development, the culture that has been blossoming increasingly vividly over the years, unique traditions, and welcoming populations — all these things can be found in India. Since Hindi is its official language, you should definitely give the idea of learning it some thought. It’s among the five most spoken world languages, so you won’t get troubles with locating useful guides and essential tips. India hides an entirely new culture and a world you wouldn’t comprehend without actually visiting it. It is friendly toward tourists, but if you go there as a Hindi speaker, people are going to be truly impressed and delighted, and the experience you’ll get will be significantly richer.


A surprising number of people have indicated that at one point in their lives, they tried learning Russian but then gave up on this idea. 2020 isn’t an exception, and even now as you’re reading this article, millions of individuals are working hard on their notes, hoping to cement one topic and move on towards the next one. Russian is complex, there is no doubt here, but those who succeed admit that the feeling of mastering it is overwhelmingly pleasant. Countries like Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus stand out among the rest: they have a unique atmosphere that has its roots in Soviet culture. Understanding it is an exciting and educational opportunity.

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If you wonder, “What language should I learn?”, Italian is going to be another common answer. It has incredible historical heritage, many purely Italian traditions that learners tend to evaluate highly, and as French, it’s also seen as inherently romantic. It flows quickly yet smoothly, and if you have never visited the country itself, you don’t know what you’re missing. The good thing is, traveling to Italy is easy — it has few restrictions, and Italian itself is pretty comprehensible. You can find hundreds of effective online lessons that would help you with mastering it.

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Similar to Chinese, this language is quite difficult to tackle. It has an entirely individual system of characters, it’s a complex way of speaking and writing that might confuse you at first, and it’s unlike the majority of languages in existence. But this is what makes it so compelling at the same time. Cuisine and architecture in Japan are outstanding, the atmosphere is lush and refreshing, and don’t forget about such cultural phenomena as anime and manga. It’s much more gratifying to watch and read them in original because most translators fail to convey all meanings. If Japan with its culture attracts you, be sure to give it a try.

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Make Your Choice Among Most Spoken Languages in the World

As you can see, there is a big diversity among the best languages to learn you could choose from. Find even more details about the most useful languages to learn that interest you, find online resources, ask for help if needed, and soon enough, you’ll see an entirely new world opens before you, with possibilities you never even imagined. You’ll not only receive a chance to understand foreigners but you’ll also get access to their books, movies, articles, etc. Reading or watching something in the original is always a better option, so embrace it and be patient. The road to complete comprehension could be hard, but it’s going to be absolutely worth it.