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The only reason explaining why we decided to write an Ubiqus review is your interest in this company. It’s an old firm that has been around since 1991; it’s one of the largest in Europe, so we didn’t bother checking it, hoping that if it managed to stay in this market for so long, it would perform consistently well. But over the years, the reviews we received about it were negative, so we finally chose to start our research.

Ubiqus has offices in the US, Canada, and Europe. Future clients or interested parties could contact it physically, by phone, via the website, or by email — we liked such a big diversity of options. Its major goal lies in using modern technologies to provide accurate translations and unite people from all over the world. Does this firm deserve to be among the best translation companies in the market? Online Ubiqus reviews from clients are mostly good, but translators aren’t as positive. They complain about low pay and lack of growth opportunities, as well as dubious management. Follow our research, and you’ll see who’s right and whether you can put your trust in Ubiqus!

Exploring Diversity: Services to Order in This Company

One of the first steps we took was looking into Ubiqus translation services. How many solutions could clients order from here? What is the situation with deadlines? We have good news: this company is pleasantly diverse, and multiple people are going to find the exact kind of assistance you need. These are major options:

  • Translation. Ubiqus offers translation into 170 different languages. This is a vast choice as it means that these translators cover both common and rare linguistic options. We didn’t find much information about the best USCIS translation service here, but we believe that certified help is available. You’ll need to place a personal request and explain the details for ordering it.
  • Interpretation. Several types of interpretation make Ubiqus language solutions even richer than we assumed at first. You could specify your location and hire a professional translator who lives in your vicinity. They’ll help you in person. Naturally, such variants as phone or video interpretation are also available.
  • Localization. Everyone knows that professional multimedia localization services are an important choice for people who want their original content to sound equally impressive in translation. If you are one of them, relax! Ubiqus handles these requests.
  • Transcription. You could request audio or video Ubiqus translations and receive them in record time. Clients could also demand verbatim transcripts.
  • Project management. If you want a platform that could help you control your projects, this firm could offer a solution.
  • Writing. Ubiqus writes reports or summaries in the language of its client's order. We have almost never seen this particular service — it took us back in a good way.

It’s possible to order multiple Ubiqus language services with almost any deadline: this company is adaptable, and it respects the time of its clients. If it can’t handle your request, it’ll inform you quickly. We were curious how timely and accurate these translators are in reality, though, which is why we placed a personal order. Our team asked for the medical translation of 5 pages with a 10-day-long deadline. The results of this experiment were illuminating.

Price to Pay for Translation Services at Ubiqus

Clients are interested in how much money they might have to pay when asking for help, and it is understandable. Is an expensive service? Unfortunately, yes, it is. It hides its prices from clients because it doesn’t want to scare people away. Instead, you have to provide details about your project and wait for a free quote from managers. We placed a relatively simple request, and we paid $0.18 per word. It is outrageous — few people would be able to afford such a price, especially if their project is big. Information about discounts is not available.

Translation Quality: Impressive or Disastrous?

Ubiqus: is it reliable? Reviews that we’ve seen say yes. Clients who left them seem mostly happy. They like quality, accuracy, and timely delivery. But our experience wasn’t as positive. The project arrived on time, true, but it lacked about 10% of the content. It somehow became lost in translation, which is unacceptable. Note that we aren’t talking about redundant phrases or a natural process of getting rid of some lines. Our translator ignored chunks of relevant content, and this is never okay. When you consider the impossibly high price we paid, the situation becomes even more maddening.

There were also grammar issues and some serious mistranslations. It wasn’t the worst translation we’ve seen: some paragraphs sounded good enough, but it still had low quality overall. The team working on a review of Ubiqus wanted to ask for a revision, but our talks with management got so lengthy and exhausting that we eventually gave up. Everyone seemed polite and friendly, but they weren’t willing to help with quality.

List with Pros & Cons

Time to sum up whether Ubiqus has mostly strong or weak sides. Every client has different priorities, so look at the list below and make your own conclusions. This decision is yours.


  • Diverse translation services. This company offers a huge array of all possible services. Its clients could request SDS translation for their needs, Ubiqus localization, interpretation, and others. Over 170 languages are available. Few other firms have the same diversity.
  • Lengthy linguistic experience. This company has been working in the translation industry for over 30 years. This is a lot, and its rich history means that it employs a sufficient number of translators who could meet your needs at any time. It’s a definite advantage.
  • Largely positive reviews from clients. The majority of reviews from other clients of Ubiqus appear to be positive. We cannot verify their authenticity for sure, but most of them sounded authentic. Customers seem to like this agency, and some of them use its services repeatedly.


  • Very high rates. As we discovered in our Ubiqus services review, this agency charges overly high prices for its help. They are higher than in the majority of other similar companies, and nothing can justify it.
  • Bad reviews from translators. Translators left multiple negative reviews, complaining about low salaries and the lack of care they face from managers. People who work in such conditions cannot provide top quality, which automatically endangers you and your interests.
  • Dubious quality of service. We hoped for the best when we hired Ubiqus translators, but our hopes were dashed after we received our project. It had numerous serious issues that included grammar & punctuation errors plus content problems. We don’t doubt that this firm has at least some professional experts, but not everyone it hires meets appropriate standards.
  • Inaccessible revisions. Technically, clients have the right to ask for revisions if they think the quality of their translation sucks. In reality, it’s an impossible feature. We had to speak with all possible managers, and none of them helped us. If a dissatisfied client doesn’t have time for endless chatting, they will likely not receive a chance to get improved content.

Make Your Hiding Choices on the Basis of Review

Ubiqus isn’t the worst company we’ve tried, but it’s far from the best, too. We give it 3 stars out of 5 because, on the one hand, it has a steady presence in this market. It provides multiple useful language services, and it collected great comments from its previous clients. On the other hand, prices are unspeakably high; quality isn’t perfect, and revisions are rare. We cannot recommend Ubiqus for these reasons. Look through our other review guides and find a provider who won’t pose so many risks. You are paying money for good work, and this is exactly what you deserve to get.


The Ubiqus website has a lot of information and resources, but it can be overwhelming to navigate through it all. While I appreciate the detail they provide on each of their services, it would be nice to have a more streamlined experience. Additionally, the pricing for some of their services was higher than expected, which made me hesitant to use them again.


While I appreciate the range of services offered on Ubiqus, I found the pricing to be higher than some of their competitors. The website itself is well-designed and easy to navigate, but it would be nice to have more affordable options. Additionally, the turnaround time for some of their services was longer than expected, which was a bit frustrating.


They have nothing sacred... they do translations through an online translator and pretend to be a professional service... it's ridiculous


The service did not impress me

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