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People who frequent our platform serve as a source of our inspiration, and this Translation-Services-USA review appeared largely because of them. We go where you call us, and this time, we found ourselves in the role of customers of Translation-Services-USA. It appeared in 2002, and with almost two decades of language work under its belt, it's gained a lot of customers. Surprisingly, online reviews about it are few, so our review team didn't manage to find much with their help. 

Translation-Services-USA has an address in New Jersey — you could find its physical office there in case you live nearby or prefer closer contact. Other than that, you could call or send them a message through their website. Translation is the focus of this agency as there are different kinds of it available. The choice is yours — but how vast is it? This is the first thing our review experts researched.

Available Range of Services

If it's not your first time visiting our platform, you must know that we are always on the lookout for the best online translation services in the market. Richness of available options is one of the things we explore. People work in hundreds of spheres and have hundreds of different requests. The more of them a company can handle, the higher we evaluate it. Translation Services USA has great diversity. Over the years, it has expanded its reach tremendously, so now it caters to all possible tastes. Here are major examples of its services:

  • Translation. This agency offers general as well as certified translation for documents of different types. It could be helpful for clients with personal needs as well as those who interact with international authorities on a legal basis.
  • Proofreading. could go through your work with a comb, eliminating tiny issues such as typos and other mechanical defects.
  • Transcription. Some people want to turn audio or video into text. You could order such an option from this company.
  • Localization. This is adaptation of content where cultural nuances of a target language are taken into account. Translation-Services-USA offers several options in this category, including for websites and software.
  • Interpreting. This service is for those people who would like to hire a translator that would interact with them directly, accompanying them to a meeting or during a phone call.
  • Help with videos.  This includes adding a narrator for video content (voice-over) and creating subtitles (video caption). 

Several Translation-Services-USA reviews mentioned how technical translations in this firm are inaccurate sometimes. We wanted to check it, so we placed an order in this category. Managers were extremely welcoming: they spoke warmly and explained everything we wanted to know. The small issue was when we asked for a 2-week deadline, we were denied. Apparently, all technical translators were busy, and they could only accept our order with a deadline of 18 days. We agreed, and our request was processed.

Prices and Their Affordability

People looking for translation help often face a dilemma. On the one hand, they might want strictly the best legal translation services, but on the other, they might be unable to afford them. reviews stated that this agency charges too much, so we were curious to see if this was true. After years of working with companies in a translation market, we know what balanced prices should be, so we knew what would be acceptable and what would be overly high.

The first thing you need to know, Translation-Services-USA hides its costs. It states it has competitive prices, but clients have no idea what they are — they need to ask for a quote and wait until it arrives. This is a bad business practice that our review team doesn't encourage. When we got ours, it was $0.20 for one word. It's extremely expensive. Sure, prices increase when projects become more complex: this way, healthcare translation services are more expensive than a general kind of linguistic assistance. Technical translations also tend to be expensive, but not like this. Our text wasn't complex enough to justify what we had to pay for it. In the end, we weren't happy with this working side of a company.

What Translation Services USA Review Can Say About Quality

We've already established that we overpaid for our translation. But how well was it done? Did it meet acceptable quality standards? We're going to provide details, so you could get a clear picture.

  1. Our deadline finally came, but translation was not uploaded. Let us remind you that we had to wait for 18 days as it was instead of two weeks like we had initially wanted. A delay was outrageous, so we contacted the managers and demanded to know what was happening. To our surprise and frustration, we got an answer almost an hour later. A person apologized for inconvenience and promised that our translator was already finishing everything up. Still, we had to wait for several more hours before our text was delivered. Considering how several Translation Services USA reviews complained about the same exact problem, we see a pattern, and it's a negative one.
  2. After such a disaster with delivery, we had big reservations regarding quality. Still, as our review experts started exploring it, they discovered that there was almost no ground for criticism. Content flowed properly, there were no serious mistakes, and all sentences were in place. The only issue concerned proofreading. It wasn't thorough enough — it looked like a person working on a document was in a hurry. The team working on review of TranslationServicesUSA decided to place a revision request.
  3. Our request was approved, but it took another day for translation to get to us. So, we found the service too slow, but quality itself was more than satisfying.

Good and Bad News for People Who Plan on Hiring Translation-Services-USA

Whenever our review team tests companies, we draft a quick list with pros and cons to help our visitors focus on major details of our experience. This time wasn't an exception. Here's an overview of our impressions.

Good things

  • Big base of services. Clients could find whatever linguistic help they need here, from certified translations to localization and voice-over. Check the first sections of our review for additional details.
  • Great translating quality. Translations are done by true experts. You won't regret entrusting your task to them.
  • Functional revisions. In case there are any issues present in your document, you could ask for revision. It's free, and as our reviewers saw from our example, it's efficient.

Bad things

  • Inflated prices. Services are way too pricey. Only some people would find them tolerable. In addition, small proofreading issues might be present, so everything is not as flawless as the company would like you to believe.
  • Deliveries aren't on time. is it reliable? Not when it comes to deadlines. Orders come too late, and this isn't just our experience. These translators seem to face difficulties doing their work by the due date.
  • Managers don't always reply timely. If you have concerns or questions, be prepared to wait because timely replies aren't a guarantee.

Completing Our Translation-Services-USA Review

So, can our review team suggest the services of this company? Partly, yes. It is not a bad firm, and it provides great quality. But its work costs a lot — for instance, if you need professional Chinese translation services, you'll find smaller prices in almost all other companies. There is also a problem with time because translators are often late. You'll get your top quality, but when it happens and how much it'll cost remains a question.

David Heugo

I have order translation of admission documents but missed my deadline because of the late delivery. I am beyond than sad and disappointed

Ulius Martin

I can give this service 3,5 out of 5. The website is very compicated and ordering process took much time but support team helped me


The experience with them was great. Read the translated document and it was like perfect.


My son Hugo needed his birth certificate translated to English so I hired them to do it for us.. What they did was just right and it is enough.


It was good. All that went wrong was made right.


I liked the translation, everything was fine, the only thing was a slight delay.


their service user interface was simple and functional, although not particularly innovative or advanced.


The translation was fast, but the quality disappointed me.


There were mistakes in the tranlation. I will not hide it.


Because of them I wasted all my nerves to solve the problems they created for me. had I known, I would have gone to another service

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