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Our team exists to help you, and we created this Tolingo review for the same reason. Being objective is the best way to find relevant information: this is the principle we stick to when we search for the best translation companies in the industry. Tolingo joined this market in 2007, and it’s been showing stubborn growth ever since. With an office in Hamburg, it cooperates with 6K freelance translators and has 50 international employees who are a constant part of its team. Tolingo got many certificates proving its reliability and quality: it even got into the list with 100 top firms that have 5+ years of experience, but for some reason, online reviews about it are mostly mixed. There is a lot of negativity for a seemingly perfect company, so we were curious to find out what the problem was.

The first issue we noticed is a discrepancy on website. It claims to work on 1000 translations every day, yet the number of customers for all these years is only 30K. These numbers just don’t work together, so the first statement is clearly an exaggeration. Tolingo says that it works with all languages in the world, which is also a dubious notion. Content on its site has some awkward constructions and repetitions — we weren’t sure if native speakers created it. Translation is Tolingo’s major focus, and that’s what we decided to explore next.

Which Tolingo Translations Could You Order?

When translation agencies expand, they usually include more and more options that their clients could purchase. A package of translation, localization, proofreading, and transcription is standard, but to our surprise, Tolingo doesn’t offer it. There is no mention of localization or transcription. This took us aback, so we delved deeper. As it turns out, the firm was deliberately vague. For example, it wouldn’t make it into the list with video game localization companies because it doesn’t seem to provide this service in the first place, but it does localize websites — it just calls this process “translation.” This could be misleading, so keep this in mind and clarify your questions with operators. You could also order:

  • Certified translation. As Tolingo reviews indicate, this is a very important service. It’s for people who have international contacts with authorities and need to submit some data to them. This could include personal records, legal files, marriages/divorce certificates, etc.
  • Editing & proofreading. If you already have a text but want it improved, this company would take care of it.
  • SEO services. This option is for those who care about the position of their website in search engines.
  • Extra options. Tolingo also offers desktop publishing, file engineering, project management, and style guides.

So, in the context of our Tolingo GMBH review, we can say that there are a lot of interesting services present in this company, but some are missing. You’ll need to start by checking the availability of an option you need. When it comes to languages, 220 combinations are covered here. They are pretty repetitive, which proves our point about the website being misleading. Tolingo definitely doesn’t work with all world languages. We asked for translation in financial industry. Our deadline was 16 days, and we were eager to see how much our order is going to cost.

Prices Tolingo Charges

Clients who seek the best German translation services always want to know how expensive they are. We can relate to this desire. In Tolingo, this was another category that left us astonished. Prices don’t change depending on a deadline here. If you ask to have a translation done in 5 days versus 10 days, the price for the former should be higher, but not in this company. It’s a great perk. On the other hand, the firm doesn’t seem to like hot orders. The closest due date we could choose was 4 days — if our deadline was more urgent, we wouldn’t have found help here. There is a price calculator that allows counting the approximate sum you’ll be paying. 

Our price for translation from English into German was €0.17 for one word. The minimal offer is €14.90. That’s very expensive! Several reviews complained about it, and we can see these complaints were justified. Not every person would be able to hire this company even if they like everything else about it. Prices elsewhere are almost guaranteed to be cheaper without any drop in quality. Needless to say, our review team was disappointed.

Quality and Its Value

Quality is the center of review since it has the biggest value. Good services deserve appreciation, even if they cost a lot. Our order was given to us on time. There were no delays, which is great. When our experts started analyzing the text, though, they quickly saw issues. Some phrases sounded inappropriate. It was like an inexperienced person tried to make sense out of original but failed to do so entirely. One graph was missing altogether, so it wasn’t even translated. We were highly underwhelmed. We asked if we could have our order revised, and managers agreed that our request was valid. Still, we had to wait for 2 days before it was done. After revision, our document looked good, but we can’t say it was ideal either.

Pros versus Cons: Quick Recap

So, is it reliable? We prefer for our visitors to make their own decisions. Here are the things that stood out for us.

Positive things

  • Impressive achievements. Tolingo has accomplished a lot of things during the years of its operations. It got several credible certificates, and it proved itself repeatedly on an international level. It was recently named one of the best 100 firms with experience exceeding 5 years.
  • Sufficient diversity. There are many options available, though not all of them are provided. All in all, Tolingo is a company with diverse services.
  • Supportive managers. If clients are struggling with anything, managers are going to help them out.

Negative things

  • Quality is mediocre. Unfortunately, Tolingo translators are not the best. Our review team is certain that this company has some amazing experts — otherwise, it wouldn’t have gotten its status, but two different people working on our assignment didn’t do it properly. The results were underwhelming.
  • ·Pricey translations. Tolingo is an expensive company. Its prices definitely don’t correspond to quality.
  • Strange practices. Website describes things like prices, languages, etc. in a contradictory manner. There is no consistency, which creates a feeling of mistrust.

Final Word About Tolingo

Like we stated before, Translation Report cannot make any decisions in your stead. We supply you with information, and you’re the one who decides what to do with it. After our personal experience, we cannot recommend Tolingo. It let us down in terms of quality, and it took too much money for an order that was fairly simple in nature. We aren’t saying that our Tolingo translations review is fully negative: we liked diversity and appreciated the work of managers. But unfortunately, it’s not enough for us.

Our team is not giving up on it. Sometime in the future, we’re going to re-rest Tolingo to see if something has changed. Meanwhile, if you have an interest in locating the best medical translation services or top app localization help, look through our reviews. We have many of them, and each of them is built strictly on objective facts.

Chris Siemens

I received a translation that lacked many parts. I had to ask for a revision and waited for it for 5 days more! I missed my deadline, so I am disappointed.

Eva Jules

I expected far more for such a high price. Never using them again, honestly.


I'm okay with the work done. It is something I can work with. Thanks.


The first impression they gave me about them was bad. But I was patient with them and gave them more jobs and they've been delivering. I'll keep using them if they continue like this.


Got the certified translation at just the right price.


I had specific requirements and this agency was unable to fulfill them. They didn't understand the technical terminology needed for my project, which resulted in inaccurate translations. I am disappointed.


Their prices areffordable, but the translations are not entirely accurate


They provided me with a translated document in a format that was difficult to access and I struggled a long time to open it.


For me they have one of the best pricing.


expert and highly skilled translators

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