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Almost half of our readers requested a SimulTrans review at least once. We weren’t certain we needed to write it because this company is popular as it is: it appeared in 1984 and it seems to be doing well. But you persisted, so here we are! Our research brought multiple unexpected nuances we didn’t see coming. There aren’t as many reviews about SimulTrans as we believed. Those we saw are mostly positive: most clients and employees praised this agency, but some issued serious complaints.

Simul Trans focuses on localization, and it covers 100+ languages. Its success rate is 97%, though we have doubts about it because it sounds too good to be true. Even the absolute best companies cannot show such amazing results. You could visit it physically in one of its offices — the agency has presence in the US and Europe, or drop a message to managers through its website. The existing clients can reach out to their project managers personally via email. Does SimulTrans deserve a place in the list of the best translation services online? Find your answer below!

What Services Are Available in This Company?

We started SimulTrans review by looking into which services it provides. Our findings pleased us. Since the company has been working for many decades, it managed to implement a wide range of language options. Its clients could order simple translation of their documents, localization of anything, from software to websites, audio and video transcription, as well as e-learning. Translators specialize in over 100 languages while also supporting a variety of industries. All this makes the company diverse and flexible. It’ll be able to help you with almost any request.

But as you know, just assessing which services are on offer isn’t enough. We read all reviews attentively and then placed our own order. Recently, more people grew interested in hiring Spanish translation companies for their projects, so we asked these experts to translate a medical document of 1000 words from Spanish to English. Our deadline was one week, which is more than sufficient for work of this type and size.

How Much Would Clients Have to Pay Here?

Prices always interest everyone, and naturally, they became a crucial part of our review. We cannot rate the company positively in this category. For one thing, it hides how much it charges. To see even an approximate picture, people must contact managers and request a special free quote. They need to share details of their projects for this — it takes time, and they risk their peace of mind because not everyone is ready to send sensitive files without certainty that they are going to hire this agency. Even worse, managers don’t reply quickly. An hour might pass until you learn how much you’ll be paying.

Actual prices are extremely high. charged us $0.21 per word — this is absolutely crazy. This service isn’t worth so much, this price is too high, and most people wouldn’t be able to afford it. If your project is big, then you’ll have to part with a real fortune just to get it translated in this place. There is no information about discounts or add-ons: if they exist, then only regular clients can enjoy access to them. We felt disappointed. It’s common for experienced companies with rich background to overcharge customers, but over $0.20 per word is going too far.

Quality as Revealed in SimulTrans Review

No experience is universal. If one person got a great translator in a company, it doesn’t mean that everyone else will enjoy the same luck. Still, even one order can be revealing, which is why we placed ours. It didn’t arrive on time. Managers got in touch two hours earlier and warned us that our translator was having technical problems and couldn’t complete our project when promised. They guaranteed that they’d solve the problem as soon as possible, but we were still frustrated. We paid a lot of money, and we agreed to wait for a week; our text wasn’t complicated and had only 1000 words in it. Surely they could get it done quickly? No reliable patent translation companies should be late because it harms their reputation. Our project finally arrived five more hours later. Our experts started their analysis immediately, and by the end, we all felt underwhelmed. There were no glaring mistakes or mistranslations, but the text was rough. There were proofreading issues in too many places; some tenses weren’t chosen correctly. We also discovered that one sentence disappeared without trace in translation.

We expected better results, especially since SimulTrans reviews are majorly positive. Different employees seem to like working for this company, too, but some of the feedback concerned us. Two clients complained about missed deadlines and high prices. We faced these exact problems, too, meaning that they were more common and our order wasn’t an exception. Translators said they receive low salary and that the turn-over rates are off the charts. If true, it’s a concerning situation. The company definitely has room for growth and improvement. It cannot please its clients and earn an actual 97% rate of appreciation if it doesn’t treat its translators right.

Objective Evaluation: Pros and Cons

Whenever it comes to rating a company, we pay equal attention to its strengths and weaknesses. We learned a lot during our review of SimulTrans, and now we’re going to list our findings. Make your own conclusions on their basis!


  • Experienced and respected. SimulTrans has been working for almost 40 years. It has multiple physical offices and it’s known as an experienced provider.
  • Diverse services available. Clients could choose between various languages, services, and categories. General and certified translation, transcription, localization, e-learning and other options are present.
  • Satisfying translators. The company has acceptable experts who can create accurate translations.
  • Positive reviews. The majority of SimulTrans reviews are positive. Clients and most employees love and appreciate this company.


  • Unhurried managers. You might have to wait an hour or more for a response from managers. This is too long, particularly when clients are in a hurry.
  • Extremely high prices. Clients overpay here. The costs are unacceptably high, and there are no discounts that could alleviate them.
  • Orders might be late. is it reliable in matters of delivery? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Our project arrived too late. The delay wasn’t truly lengthy, but even a couple of hours is outrageous, considering the sum people pay.
  • Minor issues in translations. While our translation wasn’t bad, it wasn’t perfect either. There were editing problems and some content issues. Such experienced companies should produce better results.

Drawing SimulTrans Review to a Close

When we started this review, we hoped we’d be impressed. Sadly, while there were positive sides of our experience, some of them were negative. Top SDS translation services must be absolutely flawless, but SimulTrans was late with our project, and it had several annoying problems. We paid an insane price for it, so we weren’t happy. This is why we cannot recommend this agency to you. It is undoubtedly experienced; it covers lots of useful services, but the quality it provides is not worth the money it asks for. Read other reviews we created over the years and find a perfect agency there. It’s possible to find a combination of great quality and affordable prices, but SimulTrans isn’t capable of providing it.


As a client who has used the translation services of, I have to say that my experience was not as good as I had hoped. While the company offers a wide range of languages and has a user-friendly website, the quality of the translations fell short of my expectations.


There were several instances where the translated content did not accurately convey the original meaning, which caused confusion and delays in our project. Additionally, the turnaround time for some of the translations was longer than I had anticipated, which also affected our timeline.


poor translation that got be in trouble with my chef


I do not like services that do not publish their rates and give quotes separately. Will you research me online and charge me more if I have money?

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