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There are many translation companies on the Net. When our team received requests to make a ProTranslating review, we were surprised because we’ve never heard about this company before. This company has been active since 1973 and now has offices in more than 35 cities in the USA, Canada, and China. Our reviewers got confused that they have such a long history but remain unknown. ProTranslating mostly does translation, localization, interpreting, and multimedia services. The website of this company says that they are a big language company, as there are more than 5,000 ProTranslate employees, and they translate to more than 200 languages. They have around 84% positive reviews on the Net, so our expert reviewers were hoping for really great service. Read our review findings below.

Services Offered

Similar to many companies that exist today, ProTranslating offers a bunch of online and offline services for review. It’s not only translation but also localization, audio services, and even IT-based solutions.

  • Translation and localization. A company offers professional translation and localization services in more than 200 dialects and languages. This company provides certified translation and provide documents translation for immigration if you move to another country. There are more than 5,000 linguists in this company, so be sure that they know your subject matter. You may order a full set-up for your project, including quality assurance, editing, localization engineering, or proofreading. They deal with software, websites, games, and eLearning.

  • Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation. If you have legal proceedings, an event, or a business meeting, this company can interpret for you. These services provide simultaneous and conference interpretation for your needs or provide remote service. On-phone interpretation is possible. Finally, ProTranslating does consecutive interpretation at a courtroom appearance or a deposition.

  • Multimedia solutions. deals with file engineering and voiceover. Its linguists provide dubbing, subtitling, and other kinds of adaptation for your files. ProTranslating offers multimedia transcription, lip-syncing, voice acting. Also, they deal with the technical side of your project. You can order file engineering to mirror your source project or go with document formatting to adapt your texts stylishly.

  • Industries. ProTranslate has experts in many industries. For example, they translate for the financial sector documents, such as capital investments, corporate or retail banking, or audits. Also, clients can place an order for a legal translation of patents, agreements, balance sheets, appeals, suits, etc. The company serves the manufacturing sector and deals with appliances, computer documents, machinery documentation. There are many more industries that this company serves, for example, eLearning, entertainment, marketing, healthcare, etc.

Localization is among the main specialties of Pro Translating. So, we decided to order localization for a blog post. This text wasn’t long but was full of colloquialisms, contractions, use of specific phenomena, and idioms. That is why it definitely needed localization. We were hoping that we get a high-quality localization after ProTranslating experts work on it.

Prices and Add-Ons

ProTranslating isn’t open about its pricing. We haven’t found any on their website, so if you want to know the cost of your certified Arabic to English service, you will have to get a price quote. It isn’t automatic, so you will have to wait for some time before managers see your request. That said, support teams aren't always online, so if you have time differences, you will have to wait pretty long. And if you don’t like their prices, you might just lose a lot of time.

The price for our ProTranslate reviews document was pretty high at $0.18 per one word. Our reviewers expected that blog localization would be cheaper. Plus, we had a rather popular language pair which is English to French. ProTranslating prices are far more expensive than the marketing average, so if your project is large, you might be paying a lot.

Quality of ProTranslate Review

ProTranslating has many positive reviews. Customers admit that they have good customer service and deliver documents much earlier than expected. Support members help with your order even if you have chosen wrong options. They always give timely responses. Still, some customer reviews of ProTranslate admit machine translation, so they were disappointed about accuracy. Also, editing and proofreading services aren’t great because the text often comes with grammatical and language errors, which is a bad sign. 

We’ve received our review order on time. It wasn’t a one-day delivery like many customers' reviews say, but the work was done by deadline. This service is pretty fast, but we cannot say the same about their support team. When we wanted to communicate about their best software localization services, nobody was online. The company has offices worldwide, but it still doesn’t have 24/7 support. We found it disappointing. Once they were online, they answered all questions, but that wasn’t as fast as we expected.

As for the accuracy, we were confused. Our French native expert said that certain parts of the text looked fine, but some had semantic and grammar mistakes. It seems that the order was done using machines. We also couldn’t see any localizations attempts at ProTranslating Inc., because sayings and idioms were left unchanged. Some of them were translated word-for-word, so they made complete nonsense in French. We don’t think that using a translation machine makes a good localization, so we were disappointed.

Pros & Cons

For us, there aren’t many pros of Pro Translation. Still, we admit that some of the customers wrote positive reviews - and there are reasons to do so.


  • Helpful support team

  • Fast delivery

  • Many languages and services

However, our review showed some significant cons of this company. For us, they outweighed all the pros. Our review experts still think that quality and price are some of the most important aspects of every service.


  • ProTranslation service is not 24/7

  • Machine translation

  • Poor quality localization 

  • No prices on the website

  • High fees

Summary of Our ProTranslating Reviews 

ProTranslating is a company that offers lots of services, from translation and localization to AI solutions. They have many offices, mainly in the US and Canada, which you can visit. There are more than 5,000 people on staff who can translate to and from 200 languages. Perhaps when there are so many translators, it’s hard to watch the quality of each order. That is why we read a lot of good reviews, but sometimes accuracy fails.

If you choose their service, be prepared to pay large sums of money for the project because ProTranslating is pricey. We also had a negative experience with the quality of our review. Our review team expected to get a localized text, but it was done by a machine. This is disappointing and we wish the company would watch their quality more closely to be on our best website translation services list. We think that companies of this scale should work 24/7 to get more loyal customers.


The quality they produce is below the middle.

Kira Martins

Average quality. Not too pleased with the number of errors I found in the translation you guys did.


Made an order for a certified translation (with stamp). They did the job, quite alright, but their delivery was really slow and they forgot to stamp the work they did

Ahmed Sheppard

They work very fast. But I hired them soley for quality yet they couldn’t deliver


I guess this was their best work…it is sad that it wasn’t enough. I liked how they communicated but their quality needs improvement.


It was difficult for me to communicate with the translators, I didn't understand them, they didn't understand me


the text translated by this service did not contain any references.


Mistranslations and cultural inaccuracies.


Their services are of no use whatsoever... They brazenly translated my documents in an online translator, and claim that their "professional translators" did it.


This is some kind of bad karma... This is the second time I've come across bad service...

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