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The intent of this review is to provide our insights and inform readers of our experience with the translation service, One hour translation. Before we delve into our review, we will detail the steps involved in researching and writing this professional translation service.

To be clear, when writing these reviews, Google is our friend. There are several reviews on 1 Hour Translation. Unfortunately most are negative. These are coming from both previous customers as well as workers. There are also customer complaints and at the time we were researching this company one negative review all on the BBB website. We read the company’s response to that bad review. To be frank, it was weasley, and not at all customer service friendly.

While we were put off by this, we believe our job is to be as fair as possible. We placed an order for translation services while also keeping an open mind.

Services Offered

We found the following services listed:

  • Transcription
  • Translation And Editing
  • Proofreading

It was notable to us that website services and localization were not listed as available. So were captioning, video game localization services, and other services.

We placed an order to have a software manual traced into English from Hindi. Keep reading to learn more about the results of that translation as well as our overall experience.

Prices And Add-Ons

Our cost to have our document translated was around 8 cents per word. We did not choose any add on services. We can tell readers who might that these extra services absolutely do cost money. One thing worth noting, most translations take much longer than an hour. In fact, the only translation services they do in an hour or loss use machine translation which are not very accurate. Prices overall are higher than average.

Quality of Services

The first issue we had was that the manual we ordered was late. Not late by hours or day, but nearly a week behind schedule. There was no contact made during this time. There was no reason given for the delay. There was no offer of a full or partial refund.

In addition to this, the translation was way off the mark. Our translation expert found several problems and inaccuracies. There were even sections missing. Poorly translated documents can result in safety issues, financial troubles, even legal problems.

Pros & Cons

For those who may not have time to read this review from beginning to end, we have briefly summarised the pros & cons about this company. Please see them here:


  • We Found no Issues With The Website
  • The Process of Making a Payment And Submitting an Order Was Easy


  • Our Document Was Exceedingly Late
  • Pricing is Quite High For Quality
  • The Translation Was Grossly Erroneous
  • The Company Uses Machine Translation Without Disclosing It


There are several factors contributing to our decision to recommend that people avoid this company as clients and as workers. We did not receive our papers on time. The pricing is far too high given the quality. In addition to these factors, there is definitely a credibility issue here. Please continue reading our reviews. We believe anybody needing translation services can find the best translation site they need right here.

As from my experience - it is a reliable company. I got my translation from French to Turkish, for which I couldn't find translators in other companies.


No option for Spanish translation. They had looked for a specialist for about a week and then declined my order. WHAT? Seriously? SHAME ON YOU!

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