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The First Glimpse

OnePlanet claims to have been working in a translation services industry for 30 years. It’s a known firm that lots of people choose when they are looking for assistance with foreign languages, and the volume of reviews on it is undeniably impressive. There is no doubt that due to being one of the first translation giants, OnePlanet has experience and flexibility that allows it to remain among the top companies in this sector, but the question is, does it still maintain the same flawless quality it was once known for? We decided to find out and complete a fair review of OnePlanet. We studied OnePlanet’s website and all the info provided via it. Then we contacted it with a request to translate an English medical text into Italian. This is our assessment.

Services Offered by the Company  

OnePlanet cooperates with more than 3300 translators all over the world, which allows it to accept and start working on projects quickly. It’s not very clear how many languages it covers, but considering the decades of its operations, it’s evident that the choice is vast. In a similar way, there is no available data on which industries it supports, so once again, we can only guess what orders will be accepted and which might be rejected. There are different services available, so you could ask for translation online, interpretation is done in real life, or via systems like Skype, localization (an adaptation of a text with all its cultural peculiarities), and even subtitles.

The website isn’t very user friendly, so you might face problems with figuring out how to place an order. The good thing is, if you have questions, online support is always there. When we contacted it, the operators were friendly and guided us through all processes. Still, it’s frustrating that the website doesn’t include enough information — it could save time and contribute to people making an informed decision.

How Much Does It Cost?

 OnePlanet offers four layers of quality to its customers. Its prices fall within the average segment and are presented on its website openly, which is great. But the presence of some categories is questionable.

  • Good. This layer involves machine translation and subsequent editing. Its cost starts at $0.06 per one word. We were surprised to see this option because it’s not professional, and we believe that no respectable company should offer it. No matter how good editing is, it won’t compensate for mechanical translation.   
  • Better. This service is worth $0.09 for one word, and it entails the best human translation service with no editing. Again, it’s unprofessional.
  • Best. A service that has proper translation and editing is worth $0.12 for a word.
  • Transcreation. Similar to localization, it’s worth more, but no exact price is offered.

Translation Evaluation  

We selected “best” package and unfortunately, we weren’t satisfied completely. There were several mistranslations and quite a few editing errors. Some medical meanings ended up being distorted, creating confusion and potential problems for us as customers. The work was still acceptable, but it could be described as mediocre at most.

Advantages vs. Disadvantages

OnePlanet translation company has affordable and transparent prices. It assists with many languages, its support system is stable, and it has several levels of services you could choose from, including the budget option. At the same time, some of these options are unprofessional and presuppose low quality. The site is chaotic and doesn’t provide many crucial facts, and translators themselves appear to be average. The quality of work we received doesn’t correspond to the standards such a large firm is supposed to maintain.

Closing Remarks

OnePlanet continues to thrive to this day, but it largely relies on its past reputation. It has many drawbacks. The fact that it offers machine translations or translations sans editing screams of an amateurish approach because it’s wrong to charge people for something that doesn’t have sufficient quality, no matter how little such services cost. The overall quality left a lot to be desired, so we can only imagine what “good” option would comprise. Considering this, we give OnePlanet review three stars.

They say that good quality costs more. In reality, even their best translation service does not provide good quality. Avoid if you need medical translations.

Acceptable quality as long as you do not request something like engineering or data science project translation. Working with literature reviews, I received a good quality paper. The only trouble I had was related to formatting mistakes.


No pricing template for localization or approximate deadlines for an average business website.

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