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New One Planet Translation Review

Recently, we received quite a few requests for a One Planet Translation review. This is a company with a wide on-site presence in China and Europe, as well as 3,300 translators, interpreters, editors. One Planet boasts 30 years of experience in website and software localization, apart from a more traditional translation and interpretation.

This company provides foreign language services in more than 30 languages to individual clients and corporations. It has many rave reviews from its past and ongoing clients, which all mention great help for their business. We found very little negative feedback, so we were glad to review One Planet to see how our order will turn out.

Services Offered

One Planet provides translation to and from all languages. You can translate documents for legal, scientific, medical, technical industries. OnePlanet translates patents, websites, computer software. It is one of the best website translation companies according to reviews. Also, One Planet can do the interpretation for contract negotiations, multilingual conferences, telephone calls, medical emergencies, depositions.

This company offers software localization options. One Planet promises to adapt to the application environment so it could meet the expectations and needs of users of another culture. Experts modify graphics to cater to local norms and accommodate language-specific software like keyboards. They modify the software interface to increase linguistic consistency of an app. Finally, they can adapt the functions of software to adhere to all local standards.

Apart from software, can localize websites. This company promises to automate content extraction, which means there will be no need to pass files back and forth. Also, this service offers automatic change detection, so that updates and changes will be automatically detected and translated when you need them. One more useful function is an in-layout translation, which reduces testing and verification hours. One Planet organizes a translation proxy to save your data, as you won’t need to organize and store foreign language versions of your content each time. Finally, they change design and layout for free, if they don’t affect the text.

As this company can translate medical texts, we decided to order for this industry. We ordered the best medical translation services for our hospital record. It was an English to French document, which is a pretty frequent language pair that rarely goes wrong.

Prices & Add-Ons

From our review, we saw that One Planet has an interesting and even original pricing system. There are four “service levels” as they put it, which differ in price and rating of services they offer.

The entry-level service is called “Good.” This is machine translation with post-editing, which is a hybrid between computer software and human translator. The latter will perform a clean-up of the output that software gives. Guarantees that this document will come without grammar or usage mistakes but will have no stylistic editing. One Planet service says that it will be good for “in-house consumption,” which means that you’ll just get what is said. It is the most affordable at $0.06 per word and is also the speediest one.

The next service level is “Better.” This is a simplified translation process, where an industry translator will process your document and create terminology bank for your order. Also, your document will be under the control of Project Manager who thoroughly checks every detail. It is good for product specifications, small audiences, or internal use. It comes at $0.09 a word.

OnePlanet LLC offers the “Best” plan, which includes translation services, editing, as well as proofreading. This kind of service is done by native language expert together with a native-speaking editor which ensures near 100% accuracy. This level of service is good for marketing documents, legal contracts, medical documents, service manuals, product specifications, etc.

In addition, there is the “Transcreation” level available, for cases when you want to localize culture-specific materials such as landing pages, marketing materials, advertisements, mobile applications. 

For our order, we followed the site’s recommendations and chose the “Best” plan. We had a French document translation service of medical documents for $0.12 per word according to the chosen service level.

Quality of Services 

Past clients highly praise the accuracy of services at One Planet. They state that it’s an extremely smooth process that always ends in high-quality localization. However, there are reviews that state that this company has everything good but the translation itself. Such opposite comments are very suspicious.

As for our order, it started nice and smoothly. We liked the engaging site with all the necessary information about prices, services, testimonials, etc. We received our price quote promptly and uploaded our medical document. It came fast and was earlier than we expected, so service speed at One Planet is amazing.

Our next step was giving an order to a medical expert for One Planet translation reviews. Unfortunately, she was disappointed with the result. Her verdict was: “I cannot see that a medical expert did this order. There are some terms that an expert just couldn’t misinterpret, as they are very simple. Some parts of a patient record seem machine-translated, so a foreign doctor could get them wrong.”

We were unpleasantly surprised because of the chosen plan offered near 100% accuracy. A medical document is important because it concerns life and death, so it shouldn’t be done by a machine or done in a rush. We were dissatisfied with the final order quality.

Pros & Cons of One Planet Corporation


  • Services for all needs and budgets

  • Great client testimonials

  • A clear and engaging website

  • Timely delivery


  • Awful quality

  • Machine translation

In our One Planet Corporation review, we can say that this company is good at everything but the translation itself. Perhaps the other people had a better experience than we did. For us, the final document was delivered with mistakes that a native would never do. It seems like the text was just machine-translated and lightly edited to look better. It is disappointing, but for a medical document, this is also dangerous because a native doctor may get some parts of the hospital record wrong. For us, the cons outweigh the pros this time.


One Planet is an experienced company that is already 30 years on the market. They provide localization services, interpreting, software, website localization to individuals and businesses. They have four levels of service from machine translation with editing to transcreation of the whole text. On average, this company has affordable pricing, but you might opt for more or less expensive services if you choose.

To our regret, we had a bad experience with One Planet Translation. Our document came with mistakes in word choices, which distorted some parts of our hospital record. Perhaps it would be okay for a foreign doctor, but we wouldn’t risk using the final document for healthcare purposes because of the mistakes. The rest of this company’s service was just perfect, but it turned out, the main part was unsatisfactory.

We recommend using this company service for less life-saving documents like general knowledge texts or blog posts. They don’t need a high degree of precision, so they will come out just fine.


They say that good quality costs more. In reality, even their best translation service does not provide good quality. Avoid if you need medical translations.


Acceptable quality as long as you do not request something like engineering or data science project translation. Working with literature reviews, I received a good quality paper. The only trouble I had was related to formatting mistakes.


the translation was poorly done. Really disappointed with the result.


I hired you guys because I thought there was quality in your translation, but it's obvious I was wrong.


I need a refund thanks. You guys didn’t get it.


Highly disappointed in the outcome.


These guys are not as good as they tell, especially for their prices but not bad either. at least you get a decently translated work on time so you can fix it a bit here and there as you want


Overall, I don’t see them as a top translation service. And I don’t even know why their services are that expensive


The staffs here tell lies, a lot, and I don’t appreciate being lied to.


Tiene que ser la peor traductora de todos los tiempos

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