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Best Mars Translation Review From Top Linguists

Mars Translation is a lesser-known service that attracted attention of our readers. Our expert team contacted research and made Mars Translation reviews so that customers knew if this agency supports many languages, provides accurate documents, and delivers on time.

This company was founded in 2012. According to a company site, it offers cost-effective, intuitive, and transparent translations to many industries. Mars deals with web content, documents, videos with great speed, and quality. This agency employs native speakers who work according to high company standards to provide the best outcome.

This company has an easy-to-memorize logo with Mars which makes it stand out. Mars Translations offers services in 120+ languages from 5000+ experts. They have 24/7 support team, and their employees can do 200 words per hour. This company has certifications, which is great for immigration purposes. 

Also, MarsTranslation reviews showed that it offers services to more than 14 industries. It has headquarters in Farmington Hills. Perhaps because this company is new, our team didn’t find many customer reviews. Most of them say that this company provides good service and always delivers high-quality work. Our experts were interested to review them ourselves to see what our MarsTranslations review will show.

Mars Translation Review of Services

Mars offers a variety of service for any purpose:

  • Documents. Mars promises expert service of e-learning courses, software, user manuals, digital content, marketing content, company profile, publications, journals, reports, analyses, etc.

  • E-commerce. Mars company provides a unique customer approach by its e-commerce translation of emails, websites, customer communication, customer reviews, and product descriptions.

  • Websites. This company helps you build a multilingual website regardless of the programming language. They require no IT support or no code change.

  • Videos. Mars Translation services offer transcription, subtitling, captioning of videos, which expand their reach. Also, you can order a voice-over.

  • Software localization. Mars agency helps you reach new markets by translating mobile games, web, mobile, and desktop applications, as well as string translation.

  • DTF & File Conversion. As a bonus to regular translations, Mars company supports conversion to Adobe, HTML, Open Office, Autocad, PDF, MS Office, and image formats.

For our review, we ordered Mars a simple document service in German. We wanted to test a complicated document translation services for immigration, but Mars doesn’t provide it by now. It was a personal letter, so it contained a bit of humor and idioms which people use in everyday life. As Mars Translations do localization as well, we were hoping to see these elements nicely transferred to our new German document.

Prices & Add-Ons

The vendor site doesn’t have a price table with all languages, but it has an interactive online form that allows you to calculate the price for your language pair. For our English-German document of general knowledge topic, we got the standard price of $0.11, which is an average market price. We were glad to write about it in our MarsTranslations review.

Also, there are four “degrees” of accuracy that are priced differently:

  • MTPE. This is a machine translation with one human reviewer. It costs the lowest, may be around $0.04 per word and has up to 85% accuracy. Website claims it is suitable for understanding use.

  • Standard. This is a human service by 1 translator. It has 93% accuracy, is fluent, suitable for general knowledge topics, and easy to understand.

  • Professional. This service is pricier, around $0.15 per word. It’s done by 1 translator and 1 reviewer, has a 97% accuracy and is more industry specified.

  • Publishing. This service is by 1 expert translator and 1 reviewer with 100% accuracy. This one is suitable for printing or publishing, so it comes pricey at $0.18 per word.

As for our order, we decided to go with Publishing translation to see how this company handles humor and idioms. This is one of the best German translation companies according to reviews. That is why we hoped for a high-quality document.

Quality of Services

As there aren’t many online Mars Translations reviews, we did our research. First of all, we interacted with a company’s site. It contained all necessary information, from prices to services, but it wasn’t very user-friendly. A text is often barely visible because of background images which merged with letters. Also, there were annoying pop-up windows that blocked our view.

Luckily, the pricing information was easy to get, but customer support representative responded to us promptly. Order placement process also went smoothly. We set a reasonable deadline for our small order, but unfortunately, Mars company didn’t deliver on time. There was a small delay, just a few hours, but for some people, it might be crucial.

When the order for our MarsTranslations reviews arrived, we gave it to a German linguist to evaluate. Overall, we can say that the text was good. Still, it wasn’t the best, because the expert said that some idioms were lost in translation. “The translator managed to retain jokes, but they didn’t find any corresponding idioms for the German text. They just briefly explained their meaning,” - said our expert.

We do believe that the text was by a human expert without machine assistance. Still, for $0.18 a word, we were expecting a bit more. To us, it had to be superb for such money. We felt like we could go with a less costly Professional kind of translation instead and lose nothing.

Pros & Cons


  • Informative site

  • Engaging price calculator

  • Different pricing options

  • Variety of languages

  • Native experts


  • We expected better quality for the price

  • The order came a bit after the deadline

  • The website is annoying at times and hard to read

Overall, we liked the quality of Mars services. There are more pros than cons, but this service isn’t perfect. We liked a variety of pricing options for every budget and need. Also, the price calculator idea is great. Still, we feel that Mars company should improve its Publishing type of translation to stand out from the other online translation companies on the market. For our order, we paid the highest price and were expecting a superb service that would amaze us. For us, it was just good. We liked it, but we felt like the service was a bit overpriced. Also, the delivery time could be much better.

Summary is a young company founded in 2012. They have an office in Farmington Hills, US, and work with more than 120 languages. This is a great service in terms of price and quality. We also liked the informative site and smart pricing system.

However, we feel that this service could be better. In particular, their delivery time is slower than it should be. When the expert checked our order, they indicated that not all stylistic and linguistic aspects were top. Sometimes, interesting moments like humor and idioms can be lost in translation even if you pay the highest price.

We think that this service has an average quality which has the potential to become better. There are minor flaws, like inconvenient sites and small deadline failures. We feel that our MarsTranslation review is on the positive side, and you can trust your general knowledge texts to their experts.


I’m not overly critical or anything but the quality is not at a high level at all. I feel that if you place an order for translation with professionals, the product should be flawless. I appreciate the time and effort of the staff, but I just expected a whole lot more for the price.


It was my first time with this company when I ordered the localization of my marketing materials into Dutch. My team reviewed the work and, although we didn’t find any mistakes, we didn’t find the translation to be very good either. We were able to use it after some minor adjustments to make it better suited to our style, so generally speaking everything turned out fine. However, if you’re looking for some extraordinarily high-quality localization you are not likely to find it here.


I want to start by saying that I appreciated this company’s customer support every step of the way. That being said, I wanted the process with my order to be more quick and straightforward, but there were some quirks that needed sorting out along the way. I wouldn’t say that the website is all that intuitive, either. Despite the process, I’m pleased with the end result.


They charged a lot for the messy job they did.


I had my doubts about them, I wasn’t surprised by the quality of work they did. I can’t recommend them.


No offense, but this translation service is a complete rip-off. They charged way too much for such a shoddy job. I was not impressed at all.


There's still a lot of work to be done on the translation they did


they made it so it was my first and last order on this service


they all lie... don't believe them...


No miracle happened... I didn't get a quality translation

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