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We have our loyal visitors to thank for this LinguaLinx review. Without you, we would have never paid attention to this company because even though it’s been functioning since at least 2002, it doesn’t have much of a presence. Very few reviews are online, and the ones we found mostly come from translators. They are not all that positive, which is strange since only successful companies manage to stay in the translation market for such a long time. focuses on different types of translation, and it supports 200+ languages, which is a definite advantage. It has an office in NY, so if you live nearby, you could pay it a visit and hire its experts in a more personalized way. Don’t worry if you live in other states or countries — there are plenty of other methods of contact. Clients could make a call, use online form on the website, or turn to social media. Note that its Facebook account seems abandoned, though: no one updated it since August 2022. This is not a good sign. But what about quality and prices? We know the answers — get them in our review.

First Step: Translation Services You Could Order

We love diverse firms. All best software localization services must be able to meet the needs even of the most demanding or unique customers. Fortunately, as we saw during our review, there is a huge number of LinguaLinx language solutions. Customers could request translation for any sphere, be it medical, educational, marketing, business, or personal one. It could come from a human or be done by machine. The choice is yours: both options have their advantages. One is more accurate but more expensive; the other one is cheaper but less natural. Like we already mentioned, translators work with over 200 languages, so almost everyone will find the combination they require. Localization is common in this company, multiple people order it, and it covers various project types. It could be a video game that you want to sound impressive in translation, an app or a website that must sound natural to the foreign audience, or anything else.

Transcription is also among LinguaLinx language services. Bring your video or audio recording and ask these guys to handle it. They’ll translate text from it and submit it in a format you asked. Interpretation is another linguistic option people could find at this company, and we awarded it extra points for it. Few agencies specialize in this service, and even fewer make it this diverse. You could order a translator who lives nearby to help you in person, have someone assist you during video or audio-only call, or even hire an expert who’ll do synchronized interpretation. The choice is vast and it’s great. Finally, there are options of male and female voices for different video projects. Subtitling is available as well. We were thrilled with LinguaLinx during stage one, and we hoped this impression wouldn’t be hurt further down the road, after we placed an order for Italian business translation services. Our review team wished to see if this translating company would provide us with real high quality.

Second Step of LinguaLinx Review: What’s Up with Prices?

Prices tend to be a sensitive topic. It’s especially true when the known companies set them: having lengthy experience and excellent reputation makes some agencies overcharge their clients. But it isn’t always the case. Some best online translation services might ask for reasonable costs despite producing top quality. We were interested in what approach LinguaLinx would apply, but our disappointment was imminent — this much became obvious early on. We paid $0.19 for LinguaLinx translation services despite the simplicity of our request. This price is absurdly over the top. Even the best quality isn’t worth it.

Even worse is the fact that the company tries to hide how much it rips its clients off. You won’t see what money you might have to pay from the start: no, you’ll have to submit your order, wait for managers to respond, and then decide if you can afford it. In case you find the price for LinguaLinx localization too high, you will have wasted your time and effort while also sharing potentially confidential data with strangers. This misleading approach is old and it speaks of a company’s greed. It understands that it overcharges its clients, but it hopes to hide it by announcing prices privately. If you hope for discounts, forget it. There aren’t any available.

Third Step: Translation Quality

We saw from several LinguaLinx reviews that some people aren’t happy with the help they receive in this company. Clients mentioned flaws in accuracy, grammar issues, late deliveries. Translators complained about feeling overworked and underpaid. This is a serious issue, considering how much clients are forced to pay. Apparently, almost none of this money goes to experts. But whenever we look for top Indonesian translation service or other language comanies online, we rely on our experience as much as we value reviews. This is why we ordered translation.

When the project central to our review of LinguaLinx arrived, it was two hours late. You might think this is an insubstantial delay, and you might be right. Still, being late even by ten minutes is not acceptable. Translators have their deadlines and they must follow them. Otherwise, they shouldn’t accept orders they cannot handle. But lateness was only the tip of the iceberg. As we began to study LinguaLinx translations closer, we saw a concerning number of mistakes. Grammar issues, missing punctuation, mistranslated chunks of paragraphs — they were everywhere. This was worse than any machine work! Furious, we demanded revision, and we got it. Another three days later, we got a shining new version. It looked much better, but it only proved that it has efficient revisions and that some of its translators know how to do their job. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough for us to give it a high rating.

Dividing Review in Two

We covered the main good and bad sides of this company in our review. Now let’s break this into two relevant columns. This will simplify your decision making.

Why you should hire LinguaLinx:

  • A company that worked with famous clients. LinguaLinx has more than 2 decades of experience. During this time, it worked with Sony, Amway, Walmart, Panasonic, and other high-profile firms.
  • Any service under the sky is on offer. You could ask for any service: translations, transcriptions, voice talent, localization, interpretation — everything is available.
  • Good revisions. As our LinguaLinx services review showed, if clients don’t like their order because it has flaws, they may ask for revision and it will likely be efficient.
  • Adequate translators present. Does this company have good translators? Yes. But we don’t know the ratio of them to those who lack professionalism.

Why you should not hire LinguaLinx:

  • Prices are absurd. These services are much too expensive.
  • Quality is often bad. We saw it from reviews of older clients and from our own example: LinguaLinx doesn’t always know how to work properly. It can deliver your order late and have it look awful.

What Is the 2023 Verdict?

LinguaLinx: is it reliable? As you see from your pros and cons list, this agency has more positive sides, but its negative ones have more weight. Quality and prices are everything: they form the foundation of client experience. You won’t be able to find the best SDS translation here and it will definitely not be cheap. Some might luck out by getting a great translator early on, but it doesn’t always happen. You should expect disappointment, which is why we don’t recommend LinguaLinx. Try giving other firms a shot. Read more reviews at Translation Report and you’ll find cheaper agencies with better prices.


The service was not very professional in terms of communication. I could not understand their charge logic for the translation of documents. Seemed to me scamish.


It took them a couple of revisions to make the translation right


The translation service did not take my preferences into account and provided a generic, generic translation that did not meet my expectations.


my USCIS documents were not accepted with their translation - too many errors

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