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You showed interest in reading a LanguageScientific review, and we’re here to deliver it! The feature that instantly distinguishes this company from others is its experience. Apparently, a group of scientists interested in languages set it up back in 1999, meaning that it’s been working for over twenty years. It has a very outdated-looking website with neat content. Our team caught some proofreading errors, but they were minor.

Language Scientific specializes in technical and medical translation in particular. It has over 6000 translators who cover 215 languages, an impressive number that we could only applaud since it shows that this company is a force to be reckoned with. It has mostly positive reviews, another promising sign. This agency holds a physical office in Medford, Massachusetts, but clients can also contact it through its website or by calling its number. We felt satisfied at these initial stages of research, but we were curious to find out more.

All Choices of Services Available to Clients

People all over the world have different needs when it comes to linguistic assistance. Some want professional German translation services in the sphere of healthcare; others are more interested in localization. Most LanguageScientific reviews discuss getting help in general, but this isn’t useful to those who only plan to hire a company. That’s why we examined every option you could order here personally.

LanguageScientific is impressive in its diversity. It provides both traditional and certified services in various languages. Localization and transcription are on offer as well — different formats are welcome. You could ask for personal or phone interpretation, a service we always value highly because it’s rare. There is e-learning and multimedia translation, so you can get almost anything you require here. For the purposes of our review, we placed an order of our own. We asked for a translation into Italian, sending the company a nursing-related document of 5 pages. The deadline was standard: one week. Based on everything we learned, we expected great results.

How Much These Translation Services Cost

Great services tend to come with high prices. The best patent translation companies won’t necessarily overcharge you, though: everything depends on a specific company. We didn’t see any related info in Language Scientific reviews, and sadly, we found nothing on the website as well. The company is reluctant to share its price range, and while it’s a common trend among old giants like this one, it’s still annoying. In our view, it’s also unprofessional because lots of people don’t have time to ask for a free price quote and wait for a while just to check if these services are affordable for them.

When placing our order at, we paid $0.18 per page. This is very expensive, to the point of being unacceptable. Some older companies with equally strong reputations charge much less. We felt disappointed, especially when we learned those other clients nor we can expect any discounts. This was the first large instance where our impression took a hit.

Truth about Quality: From Our Experience to LanguageScientific Reviews

Whenever we search for the best translation websites online, we prepare a project that we end up ordering help with. This time, we requested medical translation. It arrived late, something that angered us. Being untimely means being unprofessional, and an agency such as this, with positive reputation, should have known this. Yes, managers apologized to us, but this was a small comfort. For completion, we studied accuracy of translation, and it satisfied us. This became a huge relief: these translators really did a good job of everything. Terms were accurate; transitions looked strong and logical; even the style was preserved. Sure, we caught some typos and unfortunate language choices, but these errors were small and irrelevant. If anything, they are common among technical translators, so we didn’t feel surprised.

But what about reviews? We found both negative and positive ones. The majority praise the company and claim that it delivers good results. Most negativity comes from translators themselves: as it turned out, the agency needs help with the management. This might affect clients in the way it did us: an order might come late or even have insufficient quality. Still, most customers feel happy, so we noted this down.

Making a List Out of Our LanguageScientific Review

We researched LanguageScientific thoroughly. As a result of our review, we made a list detailing this company’s strong and weak sides. Look at it if you want to gain a clearer view of its services.


  • Many years in the world of translations. The company has been working in this field since 1999. It means that it has stellar experience that few other agencies can boast of. Its focus on medical and technical translations makes it extra special — it’ll come in handy for those who require assistance in narrow fields.
  • Largely positive reviews from clients. Most online reviews we stumbled upon are positive in nature. Clients seem to enjoy these services; many come back for more when the need strikes.
  • Good translation quality. As we saw from our review of LanguageScientific, these people are capable of providing accurate translations. Our project looked great: it was adapted just in the way we expected from an experienced agency such as this.
  • Excellent choice of services & languages. Clients have a chance to find any service or language combination they want here. Over 200 options and a whole array of translating services will please any customer. You could even order an interpreter in any language.


  • Prices are way too high. Quality might be high, but prices for it are biting. LanguageScientific definitely overcharges its clients a lot, and with no discounts, the situation is even more depressing.
  • Complaints from translators. LanguageScientific reviews from translators are less positive than those from clients. We located numerous complaints about managers being unfair and favoring those who suck up to them while discriminating against those who try to voice their opinions, even if they do it respectfully. This is a potential red sign that can grow into affecting clients, too.
  • Possible late deliveries. Our project arrived too late. We gave our translator a sufficient deadline that they should have had no problems with, yet they still failed to deliver our translation timely. Note that we didn’t receive compensation for it, not even a discount for potential future orders. This was underwhelming.

Of course, there are other problems and benefits. LanguageScientific needs a better-looking website: its design got old ages ago. Its contents are interesting and insightful, but there needs to be info about prices. Physical office and diverse ways of contact are a bonus. When deciding to hire or discard this company, pay attention to all these elements.

Final Words about LanguageScientific is it reliable from the perspective of clients? Mostly yes. This is a highly experienced provider that has numerous translators at its service. They specialize in a huge number of linguistic options, so you could hire professional Spanish translator in whatever sector you need. The company charges a lot for its help, which is a drawback. Besides, some translators deliver projects later than ordered. You’ll have to stay on high alert to make certain you receive what you asked for on time. We can recommend LanguageScientific to those who need specialized translations, but we also suggest being wary. You can never know when its flaws will catch up with you.


The quality of the service is honestly disappointing. I got my translation on time, but it was not good and had many mistakes, some sentences does not read at all.


This translation service has done the unthinkable – they've assembled a team of translators with zero knowledge of comic book lore. The result? A catastrophic clash of mismatched terminology, inconsistent character names, and dialogue that's as exciting as watching paint dry. It's like they handed the Hulk a thesaurus and expected him to speak in eloquent prose. If you're a fan of epic battles, thrilling plot twists, and coherent storytelling, look elsewhere for translations that won't leave you feeling like a villain has taken over the script.


I have had difficulties with refunds and dis pute resolution due to the poor performance of this service. do NOT RECOMMEND!


I found several awkward and incorrect grammatical constructions in the translation, which could have been easily corrected with careful editing.


Hi there! Wanted to share the experience with this firm. The customer support is just horrible, I have waited for their reply for a long time.

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