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Evaluation Process

Almost every person involved in the world of foreign languages has heard of LanguageLine. It’s a major provider of online translations that cooperates with a tremendous number of professional linguists. Phone interpretation is the peculiarity that distinguishes it from most other firms — in fact, it has as many as 9000 interpreters alone, not to mention remote translators. There are lots of reviews written about LanguageLine, some positive, some not. Due to the recent increase in negativity, we decided to finally conduct our own investigation and write an unbiased review of LanguageLine. We asked for a translation of a financial document and evaluated every stage of our experiment, from order placement to translation assessment.

Specifics of Provided Service

Obviously, considering its huge scope of workers, this translation company works with many different industries. Healthcare, business, finance, government sectors, and technical manual translation are just some of its focus points. It offers not just simple translation but also interpretation, video translation, website localization, work with foreign software, etc. Due to its size, LanguageLine provides assistance with the record number of 240+ languages, so even the rarest kinds are covered. You are guaranteed to find a specialist here. The drawback is that there is no info about certifications, and many people require this type of translation to cooperate with international authorities.

Pricing Options 

The first problem we faced in our journey through LanguageLine is the absence of a pricing list on its website. Not knowing how much you are going to pay is a hindrance that takes time, efforts, and possibly money because some people feel embarrassed to backtrack after requesting a free quote, so they proceed with payments even if they can’t afford them. From what we’ve managed to find out, the prices here start with $0.10 for one word. It’s an average sum. But note that in most cases, you’ll have to pay more because unless you have the most generic text, they are going to classify it as a specialized one.

Quality Assessment

We received our order four hours late, even though the deadline we’ve asked for was more than sufficient. The person we talked to apologized profusely, but it didn’t change the fact that if we needed that document urgently, LanguageLine would have let us down. Then our team began to analyze translation itself. The good news is, we found no traces of machine work. But that’s where positive impressions end.

There were many typos. Sure, typos aren’t an indication of the lack of knowledge, but there were so many of them that it became clear that the work hasn’t been edited or even read through.  

  • The formatting was off. We asked for a financial document and some numbers were misplaced, which was confusing.
  • Two sentences were missing.
  • The language itself didn’t feel formal enough and reminded us of a friendly retelling.

Good and Bad Sides

LanguageLine has relatively affordable prices and long as well as impressive history of operations. It’s known as a stellar provider of interpreters and its support system is flawless. But while we were promised quality translation services, the text was awkward at best. Human touch was present, but it was accompanied by mistranslations, missing phrases, and informality. We didn’t realize how much we’d have to pay until we shared private data, which is a significant disadvantage. The file arrived later than asked for, and despite the apology, we weren’t offered any other compensation.

Rating & Final LanguageLine Review

LanguageLine is among the top companies in a translation market, but while we were impressed by its reputation, unfortunately, it didn’t live up to any of our expectations. The service we received wasn’t professional enough, and the fact that we had to wait before getting our ordered file only worsened our opinion. The prices were hidden and the formatting had many serious flaws. For all these reasons, we’re forced to give this company only 3 stars. We hope that it’s going to improve its performance in the future, but as of now, you should be wary of hiring its services — at least when it comes to online translation.

Nice service for personal communications or translations that do not require accuracy or certification. A strange aspect of this translation service is lack of pricing quality.

Late delivery of my translation has forced me to reschedule important international business meetings. The company offers numerous services but the quality of those that I have tried is really poor. Total disappointment!


I have tried to approach this company for my website translation but was bitterly disappointed because they constantly missed the deadlines like it was something minor


I am disappointed with the translation and there is no refunds or revision requests system.

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