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Complete Language Line Solutions Review

Our team received several requests from our readers for a Language Line Solutions review. So, we were very interested to investigate this agency because it has a legit reputation in today’s market.

Language Line Solutions boasts of its world-class linguists who can deliver transformational experiences for everybody. They are proud of their privacy policy, hi-tech tools, and around-the-clock support. 12,000 linguists on staff can translate to 240 languages including Spanish, Arabic, Russian, French, etc. This agency offers services for healthcare, business, and government industries. Language Line services have headquarters in the US, Monterey, and also Taiwan, and London. This company focuses mostly on interpretation, translation, localization, testing, training, and education.

From customer reviews, we can see that Language Line Solutions has rave reviews from customers. They dub this service as amazing and fantastic with accurate translators. With such a reputation and reviews, our expert review team was excited to place our order.

Language Line Solutions Reviews of Services

Language Line Solutions offer interpreting services to people who don’t know English well and to deaf and hard-of-hearing people. There are 240 languages available, so you have a high chance of finding your language off the list. There are on-site, on-demand, and personal interpretations according to your needs.

As for translation, Line Solutions company promises to handle any type of text for business, healthcare, financial, insurance, and government industries. You can ask for a quote to discuss more details about your order.

Also, Language Line Solutions offers localization services for global commerce. Like many best app localization services, they promise to adapt your content to specific cultural demands of your target language. This company localizes eLearning, multimedia, mobile apps, websites, software, training materials, mobile apps, subtitles, and graphics.

Unlike many others, Language Line Solutions offers testing and training. It can train your in-house interpreter, bilingual staff, and candidates to ensure better communication within Line Solutions.

Prices and Add-Ons

When our experts wanted to find a price list for LanguageLine Solutions reviews, they had to search for some time because there is no clear price table. Prices are in their special sections near each translation service type. Still, we’ve found them and present them here for you.

  • Interpretation - for 1 minute of audio calls, you will pay $3.95, and for video calls, prices will be $4.95.

  • Translation - to get to know the translation price, you have to request a quote, which is quite tiresome because the form needs many details from you. There are no prices on the website. For our Arabic text, our expert team paid  $0.13, which is on the higher side of average. Overall, pricing is just fine, but they didn’t understand why this service does not provide it in open access. Translation quotes might come up to 24h according to Line Solutions site, and some customers would like to decide if they want their service right now.

Quality of Services

When we researched for customer feedback on Language Line reviews, our impression was mixed. Customers mentioned that they deliver on time but have inaccuracies, especially when it comes to specialized phrases. Specifically, for business texts, terminology fails, perhaps due to lack of native speakers. There is more positive feedback, too, but have found more negative comments that looked legit.

Like in many customer reviews, our document came on time, so we can surely say that Language Line Solutions doesn’t break deadlines. Still, we also had serious concerns about usability of our text. Our experts ordered certified Arabic translation services for our text, which is popular for immigration purposes.

Unfortunately, we found out that the certified document didn't cater to the rules. If we handed it to the authorities with our immigration application, we would be rejected. Our immigration specialist said that overall, the text was fine, but certification has its rules, which are very different from translation. Every word should have translations, and everything should appear at the same places as in the original documents. Documents should be visually matching, but in our case, some of the data was missing, and we didn’t see any resemblance between the looks of the two documents.

Without our experts, we wouldn’t even understand this, because it looked fine. Luckily, we could turn to Language Line Solutions for revision, which we did immediately. Although our order was delivered on time, revision took more additional hours, so in fact, we received the correct document after the deadline. Overall, our team was disappointed. Also, support members who we spoke to didn’t seem to do anything to smoothen out negative impressions. They acted as nothing happened and didn’t offer any discount for the service flaws. This service decided not to even apologize for their mistakes that made our team feel unpleasant.

LanguageLine Solutions Review of Pros & Cons


  • Fast delivery

  • Impressive 240 languages

  • Informative website

  • 24/7 support


  • Distant customer service

  • No prices on website

  • Poor quality translation - had to revise it

For our order, we can say that cons outweigh pros for our LanguageLine reviews. Judging on customer feedback, we aren’t the only ones who face this problem. Documents come over deadlines and have mistakes. It’s good that the company gladly revises faulty documents, but it would be nice to receive good documents from the very beginning. Also, we did not like the behavior of support members, because they didn’t seem to care about their reputation at all. In addition, it would be more convenient to know their prices upfront to make our decision faster.

Our Final Word is a company that cares about diversity and vulnerable members of the community. They frequently participate in social projects and have a good image. Still, their customer feedback is sometimes mixed, with some clients stating that industry translations aren’t that good. Also, they mention deadline failures.

This point of view goes along with what we experienced. We cannot say this is the best service our expert team reviewed. Language Line Solutions is not one of the best document translation services we have reviewed. Our certified document didn’t cater to standards and it wouldn’t be accepted at immigration service. Luckily, this company provides revisions, but we are sure that all documents should arrive usable from the first attempt.

Also, we didn’t like the fact that there were no prices on the website. Nobody likes to waste time filling a price quote without knowing the approximate price for their order. Finally, we would like to see more caring, compassionate support. Even in our case, the situation could be better if LanguageLineSolutions offered a small discount or a sincere apology.


Late delivery of my translation has forced me to reschedule important international business meetings. The company offers numerous services but the quality of those that I have tried is really poor. Total disappointment!

Ed Johnson

Nice service for personal communications or translations that do not require accuracy or certification. A strange aspect of this translation service is lack of pricing quality.

Lilly Ericson

hired them to translate some legal documents from english to spanish but they couldn't do it well. not good


You guys work fast, I'll give you that.And when I made that order, I felt good about your services, but little did I know that I was gonna be getting a translator that was incapable. The work he did was so amateurish.. I honestly regretted using you guys.

Bertie Fox

I am a very calm person and I'm not easily moved. But the quality of the translation they did was alarming. I didn’t expect that level of incompetence from a so called professional agency. It is really disappointing.


very incorrect formatting... translated documents look very unprofessional...


I found many inaccuracies in the translation... So be very careful if you need to translate legal or medical documents with this service.


Unresponsive customer service.


they could not cope with the translation into Chinese


This site is not very trustworthy. screwed me up big time. I wonder what happened because they did such a great job earlier…

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