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Starting with our K-International review, we have not encountered this translation agency in the past, which has made it even more interesting to approach them with an actual order. According to the company’s website, they provide assistance for governments and international businesses by offering general translation services, transcription, interpreting, and various creative tasks. They are mostly focused on provision of seamless communication with the international stakeholders. There are also transcreation and internationalization, which are used for consultancy purposes when an expert's opinion is necessary. The website offers public sector, business, retail, legal, pharmaceutical, life sciences, consumer electronics, medical, financial, and technology-based fields.

K-International is a company with the main office in Milton Keynes, UK. Their clients include Kia Motors, Tesco, Pip Organic Foods, British National Library, Astrium, and Arjo Huntleigh Getinge Group among others, which might tell a lot to our British visitors. From one side, it puts this translation business in a specific market niche, yet our task is to determine how well they can cope with language assistance for a private client who is not among large corporations and how affordable it might be. The quality, accuracy of delivery, and online reputation of the company will be considered as well.


As has been expected, K-International belongs to more expensive translation services that may be out of reach for college students or individuals with a limited budget. The translation prices always depend on various factors. Customer support at K-International has recommended their blog page that explains how they price certain linguistic projects. They do provide customized quotes for each case but it still ends up with rather steep rates. They explain it by offering quality work. Still, they ask review people to avoid publishing any set prices elsewhere for privacy reasons or offering something that will only be approximate for their future customers.

As our experts placed an order, pricing requirements were examined with the help of project requirements, formatting, a necessity of redesign, and destination language. Source language has also played a major role because if we would request Spanish instead of Welsh, it could have been cheaper. It was a medical translation for our K-International review, which has increased our final price as well. The final deadline for our 3,000 words project has been chosen within a reasonable period but required more than one translator. It brought us into a corporate prices category because we needed an expert to proofread various medical terms. All things considered, it appears to be way more than £160 per 1,000 words, which places this translation services business into an expensive category for certain tasks as additional services and expert proofreading require another payment.


According to the very few K International reviews, there were no delivery issues and things have been completed timely. Placing our medical translation request in Welsh, we faced no problems in this regard and everything has been delivered even a little bit earlier than was expected. However, there were some issues with additional services that have taken the company’s representatives a bit longer since we had to wait for an expert who would take a look through the list of medical terms. Once a specialist was online, our experts met a reliable expert with academic credentials and certification who has done her work flawlessly.

Turning to internationalization services at, we saw rather good deadline limitations as they provide immediate consultancy services, especially for those cases where time is critical. Once again, the only drawback that a person can face is affordability. It will always cost more. Speaking of immigration translation services, these might cost less while still maintaining a good turnaround time.


Evaluating any translation service for our reviews, we always analyze issues like grammar, style, formatting, accuracy, presence of a human translation, and work with machine tools, which can be easily spotted by trained linguists. Our Welsh colleagues stated that our translation has been done accurately and contained no major problems in terms of grammar, yet our document still required further proofreading. Since we have submitted our translation twice, first time before K-International proofreading experts processed our task, and the second time when things were finished, it has allowed us to see that some machine processing has been used. There were odd sentence structures and a lack of bridging words between paragraphs that were originally there in English.

Once our document has been proofread and checked, things have been almost perfect with minor inconsistencies that could be easily explained by specifics of Cymraeg, the challenging Welsh language. When we asked for a glossary, K-International team was happy to provide it for a moderate price, yet our experts usually received it free of charge in the past as a part of included services. Still, is it reliable? Yes, they are reliable in most cases if you are ready to pay more and remember about requesting additional proofreading or editing services.

K-International Review: Customer Satisfaction

Exploring sites like Sitejabber, Reddit, Quora, and Trustpilot, we could find only about ten reviews, which is rather strange, considering that they have been in the translation business for decades. Those reviews that are negative speak of high prices and a cryptic scheme concerning their proofreading practices. The positive reviews mention professional attitude and service readiness to provide additional consultancy services. What makes them unique, in our humble opinion, is their blog section that explains how this translation agency functions. If one takes some time to explore some posts, it will be helpful in understanding their pricing scheme and a set of services on offer.

Composing our review, we could not help but feel that there was not enough information about how to make our document better since they do not mention a list of possibilities a person could consider. While they may not represent the best translation service, they are still an option for serious corporate tasks as they offer over 250 different languages and provide relevant certifications.

Certified Translation Services

If you require things like SDS translation services or food labeling for your products line, K-International is one of the industry’s safe choices. Clicking on “About” section, our experts could discover ISO 9001:2015 certification. In simple terms, if you encounter a linguistic agency with 9001:2015 standards, it is recommended to learn more at the Alcumus ISOQAR website where it says that such companies compare internal quality standards with feedback from their clients by being ready to improve things and work with an unbiased auditor. When we issued our complaints about the document done for this review of K-International, they have been listened to and corrected immediately.

Looking up professional Spanish translation or any other language for technical purposes, one should always request certification while discussing whether it will come as a standard price or will require additional payments. It’s an important factor to consider as you place an order.

K-International Review: Cons and Pros

Our experts can give this British language service 3.9 out of 5 stars. Regarding negative factors, we can mention the lack of detailed information about approximate prices and higher than average charging for additional features like proofreading, expert editing, or creation of document glossary. The positives here include accurate delivery as mentioned by most K-International reviews found online.


Professional attitude of company’s customer service, willingness to assist with problems, presence of certifications, over 250 languages on offer, and translations that are done on time without delays. Professional linguistic consulting, transcreation language services.


High translation prices with a lack of clarity about additional services that should be obligatory to achieve decent quality with medical, legal, or technical writing. This company might not be the first choice for college students or people with limited funds.


The experience while working with the company, customer support and translator was great. I received my translation on time. However, I had to ask for a couple revisions as I have noticed some inconsistencies. But I had some spare time and could afford a revision. If you need an urgent translation, mind that there might be slight errors.


They have still things to learn but they aren't terrible. I wish you best of luck!


Overall, the translation was okay. Don’t think they need to change anything tbh


Hired them to transcribe an audiovisual file and they didn’t disappoint.


Bad Spanish, not native Spanish


I had to ask them to correct the translation they had made


The translation contained inconsistent terminology and wording, indicating that multiple translators worked on it without proper coordination.


These guys are not catastrophic but still could be better. Improvement in quality and deadlines definitely needed!


their native speakers need more experience.


My only take on their services overall is that they need to infuse some degree of consistency in the work they do.

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