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Our team decided to start our GmrTranscription review after seeing how much attention this company has begun to get. Some of you contacted us directly, asking for our input, so we made it our priority and poured all our efforts into it. Let us describe some basic facts first. GmrTranscription emerged in 2004. It takes its history very seriously, so you can track its achievements throughout the years by visiting “about us” section. 

The firm has 14 offices in different locations, including right in the capital of the United States. Transcription is its focus, but it provides some other services, too. Its employees support 1000 languages — this number amazed us. It's rare to see any translation companies handle such a variety. Some reviews about GmrTranscription are positive, others have a negative nature. We explored them all, but ultimately, we were planning on making our personal conclusions!

What Services Does Offer?

As you might have surmised from the name, this company focuses on providing transcription help. But it's not the limit of its assistance, so clients interested in other services could still find it useful. Here are all available options.

  • Transcription. GmrTranscription covers different formats. It works with audio and video content, and you could order general transcription or verbatim one (where sounds and sighs are also transcribed).

  • Translation. Clients are welcome to submit documents of any type for old-fashioned translation into any of 1000 languages.

  • Editing. If someone tried to do your translation but failed, you could bring it to GMR Transcription. Its employees will quickly improve everything and make sure the text looks great.

  • Proofreading. This service is for those who seek perfection. If you are worried about typos and small mechanical issues, this company could take care of it.

Recently, we've made a list with the best Arabic translation services, so with the quality of translations still in mind, we ordered Arabic transcription. We gave GmrTranscription two weeks to complete our project. This isn't much when you consider its average size — our audio was just 10 minutes long. With this done, we moved on to the stage of payments.

Prices: What We Know versus Other GMR Transcription Reviews

It doesn't matter if you need the best USCIS translation services that would help you get accepted by international agencies or excellent subtitles for a personal video — in both cases, you won't want to overpay. This is an acute issue in translation market because some companies charge too much while others ask for laughably small amounts yet provide terrible quality. Balance is important, and our review team knows exactly what it should be like since we've spent a lot of time in this market. GmrTranscription reviews that we read seemed positive in this regard, and from what we saw, it's true.

All prices are displayed openly in a section called “rates.” Transcription costs starting with $1.25 for clear audio where no more than 2 speakers are involved. Translation, in turn, is worth $15 for one page. Both prices are perfectly average on a lower side. Most people won't have problems affording GMR transcription services even if they have to pay for a large project. They could also order extra options for $0.50 per one minute.

  • Time code inclusion. When clients want to know what is spoken at which points, they can order time codes. Transcribers will include them when working on your task.

  • Fluent text. Audios are rarely perfect. People don't care about grammar when they are speaking, so transcribed text might be full of errors. If you want them corrected, ask — as our GMR Transcription review established, this company provides this option.

  • Verbatim. If authenticity is important for you, you might want transcribers to convey everything from your audio, including sighs, chuckles, pauses, etc. Professional team of GmrTranscription ensures this.

For our 10 minute long audio, we paid $32. This is affordable, but you have to remember that deadline and quality of audio affect the final sum. This is also where the problem lies: GmrTranscription considers almost all recordings “difficult.” For example, if two people interrupt each other even once, this will move your tape into a “difficult” category. Don't be surprised if this happens.

Does GmrTranscription Provide Good Quality?

If you order the best game localization services and pay for them, obviously, you expect a good level of quality. The same principle applies to all other things, including transcription and translation.

So, let our review team answer the question about is it reliable? We are going to provide a detailed overview of our experience as this company's customers.

  1. Our deadline came and went, and there was no project submitted. We contacted managers, asking them about it, and we got a heartfelt apology and a vague excuse. As it turns out, there was a mix-up and our order wasn't done yet. This was upsetting. We know that some GMR Transcription reviews complained about the same problem, so it seems to be common. We were offered a discount, but if we were truly late for some event, this wouldn't have pleased us at all.

  2. Almost 5 hours later, our transcription arrived. Review experts started dissecting it right away, checking language and accuracy. The results were mixed. On the one hand, people who worked on this task clearly knew what they were doing. Most things were conveyed correctly and the meaning of intricate sentences was preserved. But on the other hand, the last 2 minutes weren't transcribed. Just like that, a piece of content we've paid for was missing.

  3. We complained about this and demanded a revision. This time, we didn't get a discount, but we did receive another apology.

  4. Three more hours later, the revised transcription returned to us. It looked great and we had nothing to complain about.

Strengths vs. Weaknesses

The next stage of our review is a comparison of the company's strong and weak sides. If you want a quick summary, just take a look below. These are the things you might expect as a client.


  • Overall good quality of work. GmrTranscription knows what it is doing: its texts are clear and accurate.

  • Affordable prices. Customers don't overpay here, that's for sure. Prices are surprisingly average.

  • Different options to choose from. 1000 languages, several extras, and multiple services are available.


  • Possibly late deliveries. Your project could arrive later than expected.

  • Transcribers might submit raw work. We got unfinished work with missing content. It took a while before our transcriber corrected it and returned it to us. So, mistakes are possible — you should be attentive when getting your order.

Should You Hire GmrTranscription?

Our experience certainly had its ups and downs. GmrTranscription is a reliable company that can cope with material of different kinds, and its range of languages is very impressive. Its transcribers work at a high level and managers show a friendly attitude. Prices are nice and low. But unfortunately things aren't perfect. Orders can be sent late, and the level of attentiveness is lacking. You might get a rough and unfinished project as a result.

We recommend this company, but only hesitantly. If you care about your deadline, it might not be the best option. Read more GMR reviews before you make a final decision. In case you need something else, such as the best SDS translation services, keep browsing our online platform — we have lots of recs for all possible needs!


Delivered late and quality was a complete failure.

Jason Nashwile

Transcription I have received turned out to be not excatly as it was in the audio. I found many missing words and typos.


I know they don’t just do this for me but all their client and it is irresponsible and unprofessional. You can't promise to deliver on a certain day then change the date last minute it's unacceptable.


gave documents to translator but translator refused to finish.


I was tricked to believing they were a translation company that deal with medical translations..


This service has limited editing capabilities and doesn't allow you to correct translation errors. Keep this in mind!


No quality control or editing.


and you call this outrageousness a quality translation???


I thought they were a valid agency with stellar quality but they are not. In fact they are far from these things.


imo your services are too expensive

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