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General Analysis of Global Vision International Translation Service

Global Vision is an online firm that specializes in software localization and translation. This service caught our attention due to its wide popularity as an outsourcing company. In this article, we are glad to introduce the final results of our investigation. 

To analyze the service thoroughly, we took several steps. First of all, we checked the content on the site, policies, and prices. Next, we test-drove the service by speaking to customer support, placing the order, and paying for it. We also reviewed the final document with the help of translation professionals. 

This feedback reflects our personal experience, expert knowledge, and research about the company. Our specialists in the field closely worked with all the data to make sure that the review is correct and unbiased.

What is Offered by GlobalVis?

When we investigated the site, we saw that this translation company specializes in software translation and localization. There are other related services, such as document translation, audio, video, and website translation. Global Vision review showed that they can provide certified translation, but they did not state any information about the certifications of their specialists. As we wanted to order a web page localization, we expected a human translation. 

Learning About Their Price Policy

To our regret, we did not see the pricing list on the website. However, we found out that the service calculates the number of words in the text or website and bases the translation cost on this number. The other factors which influence the price are languages, type of text, the presence of graphics, engineering efforts, and others.

For our review, we found out how much the webpage will cost. The company states that an average website with 100 pages with 150 words on each will cost around $5,000 US. Our experts compared this price with the other services and found it to be very high, with $3 per word. This is surely not a top price. Of course, localization usually costs more, but we have reasons to say that these services are overpriced.

Website Localization Quality Test

We were disappointed with the result we got. As a Secret Customer, we requested a single web page translation services within a reasonable deadline. However, we did not receive the order timely. During our review of Global Vision, we found out that it doesn’t meet deadlines which is bad for customers.

Moreover, when we handed our text to a localization specialist, they found lexical and grammatical mistakes. Obviously, translation was conducted by the machine because of the many technical mistakes we saw. Our language pair was English to Spanish, so it was supposed to be rather easy to translate for a human expert.

Pros & Cons of Approaching This Translation Service

The company can be proud of its great customer service which did best to guide us through the order, so the firm is generally client-oriented.


  • Great customer support

  • Convenient site


  • Too high prices

  • No human translators

  • Inability to meet deadlines

In general, our review showed that the negative features of this site outweigh their positive ones. We believe that the ability to meet deadlines and the quality of translation are the most important things for any service.

Our Final Considerations

Our final review of Global Vision did not meet our expectations in terms of price, quality of translation, and time of delivery. Although the interactions with customer support and speed of response were great, we found out that the quality of the product was dissatisfactory. The company failed to provide the document before the deadline. We recommend to browsing other professional translation services online for customers who want to receive their translation in the short term.

Also, we found that customer reviews were mixed. So, it’s best to use this company’s assistance for easier, less personalized services than localization. We give this company 2 stars.


It looks like all they use is some kind of a machine translation because no human can translate a simple web page with so many mistakes. If only they could get a human being for proper proofreading, it would receive a higher mark.


It looks like all they use is some kind of a machine translation because no human can translate a simple web page with so many mistakes. If only they could get a human being for proper proofreading, it would receive a higher mark.


All good things end when you finish talking with friendly support. They have not only failed a deadline I had for my legal hearing meeting but also delivered a paper filled with low-quality translation. Considering how much I paid, I'll avoid these guys in the future.


Sent in 2 documents consecutively, I got the same result. Zero quality!


It’s difficult to be pleased with these guys. I tried to overlook one error, but there are a lot of them in the documents I received. It’s really shameful.


This translation company only offers a limited number of languages, which did not suit me, as it limited my needs.


I'll point out the fact that they lack experience. Their lack of experience can be seen all over the work they do. Not good enough


Honestly, i can never work with you guys again.


The way they work is so flawed


The distance between them and a topclass status is pretty high, in fact, I don’t think they will ever attain the status of topclass

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