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When our experts have been asked to compose a CulturesConnection review, they were happy to oblige as it was a new company that we have not encountered before. They belong to international translation agencies with phone numbers available in Argentina, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States. They have been in linguistic industry for over 14 years and were first based in Argentina. Their online reviews range from excellent to negative ones but what makes them stand apart from the competition immediately is their excellent customer support and attitude. If there is a service that could easily win in the category of friendliness and genuine care, Cultures Connection would easily grab the prize!

Our experts have set an order with this translation agency to determine how well they cope with things like grammar, accurate delivery, linguistic accuracy, formatting, and other aspects like affordability and the range of available services. The latter include general translations, localization, technical, cultural, medical, legal, financial, scientific, audiovisual, business, marketing, educative, fashion, and interpretation assistance. There are also SEO services. All aforementioned is offered by a team of 740 professional translators. The linguistic assistance is offered in over 40 languages with 80 linguistic combinations. We cooperated with the company's experts to determine how true is that.


The prices depend on what language pair is chosen and the category where one can discuss things like formatting, dialects, styling, and other factors that must be mentioned. Leaving a request for English to Swedish translation for our review of CulturesConnection, we have been charged $0.14 per word. It also included basic editing and formatting of our document the way it has been presented originally. The prices offered at this translation agency are competitive and within the affordable range.

If one requires specific services like localization of a mobile app or processing of some multilingual website, prices start at $0.21 per word. Note that prices here are only approximate unless you provide them with more information and share preferred time limits. As we have only made a document translation request, we believe that SEO and web adjustment services are a little bit expensive here and do not represent the strong sides of this service. Our experts have noticed that specialists at CulturesConnection focus on European SEO practices, which may be too specific for Americans who are used to local gaming localization companies where more Western marketing approaches to translation are encountered.


There were no major issues regarding delivery times. The representatives of Cultures Connection have assisted our experts in placing an order via a logical translation form. It has allowed saving time by uploading our documents with no extra hassle. Since we could not find any Cultures Connection reviews online at TrustPilot or Sitejabber, it was hard to determine whether service’s customers are mostly happy or disappointed with delivery aspects. Still, some testimonials at Facebook and Reddit mention translator availability issues, which has resulted in longer turnaround times. At the same time, we had no problems with our English to Swedish translation request as our document has been delivered on time, containing specified original style and format exactly the way it has been requested by our specialists.

Studying other translation aspects such as SEO and approaching for an approximate calculation for a medical card translation, we could not see urgency levels we required. Therefore, it’s not the safest choice as there are other medical translation companies that can handle urgent requests, providing relevant certifications.


This is where problems start to appear as our experts have discovered serious accuracy problems that might have happened because of machine translation methods or specific software solutions that are sometimes used by European agencies. Checking accuracy with two Swedish native speakers, we have learned that our text has been processed with an approach that did not include significant human input because additional editing work has been required. It was not the case of bad attitude or ignorance per se because our translator has agreed to edit mentioned parts, stating that it would be done free of charge. Nevertheless, it has taken a point off for our review. is it reliable? Unfortunately, we have faced translation mistakes that were too serious to be made by a professional.

The very few Cultures Connection reviews that were seen at Reddit mention company’s use of beginners for translation work, which might have probably been the case with our translation. CulturesConnection has a good attitude and settles various problems down but it did not help our translation much as our specialist lacked experience.

CulturesConnection Review: Customer Satisfaction

We have been surprised by the lack of proper CulturesConnection reviews online at places like Sitejabber or TrustPilot. Checking through their social media profiles, their ratings are not so good, which is understandable as people have encountered issues with accuracy and poor translation quality. Still, this company has a good attitude, which has been mentioned in every review without exception. When the problems would take place, the company’s representatives replied immediately and tried their best to provide a solution without turning to threats or insulting as it often happened with other linguistic agencies we have reviewed in the past.

Since CulturesConnection customer support always walks an extra mile to provide help and order placement assistance, it helps to create a friendly, safe environment, which has placed this service in a special niche for us. Their blog also contains useful information that helps to explain numerous challenges that are faced by linguists. Writing this CulturesConnection review, we wish our Swedish document was handled in a better way but an attitude is a rare aspect that is not always encountered these days.

Certified Translation Services

Even though this company does not belong to the best translation services as they are rarely mentioned in top lists worldwide, they are among top services chosen by Clutch in 2020 and 2021. Examining company’s background, we have also noticed that their legal address leads to New York. There are privacy and confidentiality matters being discussed, too. Unfortunately, we could not find any information regarding further details or anything that would explain what certification is available.

Composing our review, we have also approached customer agents for medical translations in German. Discussing our task, we have been told that there are required certificates the company will disclose only if some quality issues are taking place. As we checked the best German translation services, there were companies that had no trouble providing certificates in PDF or online. As CulturesConnection works with large corporations including Noventa, Roche, and NGOs like Reporters Sans Frontiers, it would only be natural to place relevant information online or at least mention service’s membership in global translator’s unions or organizations.

Cultures Connection Review: Cons and Pros

We can give Cultures Connection 3.4 stars out of 5 as we have faced problems that were too serious to ignore. Although the company has been in language business for more than ten years, there are still problems that must be addressed regarding their translation methods and accuracy. As there are also positive aspects, Cultures Connection is still not what our experts would choose for medical, legal, technical, or creative documents.


Regarding positives, Cultures Connection includes friendly customer support, helpful blog, website design, and readiness of translators to address various issues that occur. There’s a selection of not-so-common languages that can be approached as they have hundreds of relevant linguists available.


Speaking of negatives from our experience and other reviews, we have encountered machine processing flaws. No medical certifications have been provided upon request. SEO and localization services are relatively expensive when compared to alternatives as there are more affordable options available.


My friend suggested using his service as they helped him greatly with the translation of admission documents into Spanish. I've ordered a German translation and was not so satisfied with the quality. I guess their Spanish translators are better than German ones.


Seems like all the positive reviews are fake because I didn’t get anything pocsitive out of this experience


They just rip off your money..using them is never rewarding even if it's for the simplest of translations


It's hard for me to wrap my head around the fees they charge. They know they offer shite quality still they increase their prices occasionally. It doesn’t make sense at all. Prices should be reduced instead


They slow with everything. It's so unbearable…


Attention to detail is crucial and this translation service failed to deliver. What I saw in the translation were grammatical errors, typos and inconsistencies. It seems to me that they are so lazy that they were even too lazy to do a proper proofreading.


Too many typos and errors.


The prices here are good but most guys working here are very incompetent. I guess they're not getting much from what I pay here…

Erica R.

it was disappointing to discover that their certified services are not valid.


Very very poor quality of service

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