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Our team always reads requests our visitors send us, and that was why we decided to start this ClickForTranslation review. Our goal is to find the best translation services and tell the world about them. But for that, we need to do a lot of research. This case wasn't an exception. ClickForTranslation was founded in 2008, and during this time, it has accumulated 2000 professional translators. It has several physical offices in the US, including in such states as New York, Virginia, and California. The services it provides vary — there is no specific focus, so clients could order whatever they need in 100 languages.

Translation Report team found Click for Translations' website a little strange — for example, in FAQ section, there are questions, but there aren't any answers to them. Some related info is displayed across these questions, so it's up to you to link it all together. The company seems to have two different names, which is misleading. Online reviews about ClickForTranslation are mostly good, but we found some negative ones, too. After initial research was done, we moved to the second stage.

Starting Our Click for Translation Review with Analysis of Available Services

When it comes to English or best French translation companies, our review team is always interested in what services we could order there. Diversity plays a big role because clients have different needs. The more of them an agency can meet, the better.  ClickForTranslation impressed us in this regard because it has a rich range of options.

  • Certified translation. Apart from standard type, you could order certified assistance at It covers things like marriage certificates and court documents, and it is vital for those who want to immigrate or study abroad.
  • Transcription. Audio and video formats are supported by both. If you want experts to translate audio content into text, all you should do is ask.
  • Localization. If you have a website or app that you'd like to adapt, this firm will gladly take on your order.
  • Voice over. For making their videos stand out, people often add a compelling voice to the background. You could find one with ClickForTranslation.
  • Notarization. If you're interested in notarization, this option is available.

There are 100 languages available, so you could choose whichever you need. For our review, we decided to ask for simple translation of a technical-oriented text. We were really curious how this firm was going to handle it, but meanwhile, we focused on other areas of service.

Looking at Prices as Our Second Step

Prices for translations differ based on various factors. For example, software localization services will be more expensive than translation of a personal letter. Certified content is also more costly. When our team reviews prices, the first thing we do is establish if a firm discloses them on its website. Open prices mean that it has nothing to hide; companies that refuse to show how much they are charging are automatically suspicious. We don't think it is fair to make clients wait for a price quote — they have to share personal data and waste their time in this process. With ClickForTranslations, the situation is strange. On the one hand, it provides the starting cost: $0.10 for one word of translated content. But there is nothing about the minimal prices for transcription or other services. More than that, there is no division of costs for technical, general, creative tasks, etc. So, the sum ClickForTranslation shared is useless for those who think about hiring it.

Those Click for Translations reviews we saw mentioned that actual prices are high, and unfortunately they were correct. For our order, we paid $0.19 for one word. That's a lot and it's a far cry from the minimal sum the company indicates on its site. While our text was technical, it was fairly simple and we set a lengthy deadline. Because of this, our review experts were dissatisfied and considered the services pricey.

Our Statement About Quality

Of course, in the end, it is quality that affects our ultimate opinion. This is what customers want to know most about, and it's understandable: when you pay for something like the best Japanese translation services, you expect top results only. As for is it reliable? We'll share a detailed overview of what we experienced as customers.

  1. Our order came when we expected it. There were no issues with deadlines, and we took it as a good sign. It is great when companies respect their clients' time, so our review experts quickly started their analysis of translation we got.
  2. After reading through the text, we were disappointed. Translation wasn't professional on any level. Some reviews mentioned proofreading issues, and we witnessed them too. There were also some serious grammar flaws, including mixed-up tenses and wrong word choice. Some bits from our original content were missing. This wasn't acceptable in any way, so of course, we sent a complaint where we demanded to have our document revised.
  3. ClickForTranslation has a 24/7 chat, which allowed us to contact operators ASAP. They did a quick review and admitted that we were right. Revision deadline was 2 days. It's too much for a project that had to be done already. We agreed, but we weren't happy with it.
  4. When the revised text arrived, it was underwhelming again. Our translator corrected some issues, but some of them remained. A few sentences were still missing. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't quality translation either.

Naturally, we could ask for one more revision, but we decided against it. When working on reviews, we try to give companies a second chance. A third chance would be too much. So, we didn't like the work ClickForTranslation did.

Positive and Negative Sides of Our Experience

Summary is the closing part of our review of Click for Translation. We're going to list major pros and cons we've seen. We invite our visitors to make their decisions on this basis!


  • Experienced and certified company. ClickForTranslation has more than a decade of experience. It also got plenty of certificates proving its quality.
  • Many services provided. You could choose between different options and languages.
  • Respect for deadlines. These translators seem to deliver projects on time.


  • Overpriced services. Like Click for Translation reviews stated, translation in this company is expensive. It won't be affordable for all.
  • Sub-standard quality. There are serious issues with quality in this firm despite its experience. Not all of its translators are professionals, which results in repeatedly failed orders. Even revisions aren't effective all the time, so there is no guarantee you'll get an expert working on your project. 

Final Words for Our Click for Translations Review

After what we experienced, we cannot recommend this company to you. We've seen worse, but quality here absolutely doesn't correspond to prices. Customers pay too much and get texts that won't be accepted anywhere. It's not a universal experience — ClickForTranslation holds some recognizable certificates, but it happens often enough to be concerning. Diversity of offered services and fulfilled deadlines don't compensate for it.

If you need help choosing reliable companies, just go through our other reviews. We have many of them written about all possible options, and we are certain that you'll find the one that suits you most. Stay tuned for other reviews and as always, choose wisely!

Jennis Rikovsky

This was a complete failure. I cannot believe how I fell for their inexpensive rates and received cheaply done machine translation!!!

Viktor Gorison

There is nothing positive in this agency. I wanted to cancel my order but they could not do it in a proper way because of the incompetent support team!


They gave me a native Spanish writer that was fluent in English. I wonder how she was still inaccurate in her translation…it is just a thing of surprise to me tbh.


I gave them different documents for translation and they couldn’t manage it. They aren't flexible at all.


She took my documents to a bot and that is unprofessional


The translator used incorrect terminology and this jeopardized the accuracy of my translation.


The translation contained significant omissions and errors, and this affected its overall meaning.


I no longer have confidence in this service


I explored their services but it wasn’t a great experience


i put my faith in them and they took it for granted.

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