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Writing BureauWorks review in response to your requests became one of the most interesting experiences we’ve had in a while. This platform appeared in 2005, and since then, it’s been focused on innovations. It’s been innovating so much that now it’s difficult to understand what it is doing. Overall, it focuses on providing various translation management solutions to clients, but if someone wants help from a linguist, they could find them here, too.

Bureau Works supports 134 languages, and it has over 36K translators. This is a good result for a company that specializes in such a huge variety of services. It has two offices in the USA: clients can find it in California and Florida, and it has several ways of contact through its site. There aren’t many reviews around, and those we found are either negative or fake. Yep, you heard it right: this firm pays others to post fake reviews about it. But we’ll tackle this matter below, along with quality. For now, let’s understand what this service is about.

Opening of BureauWorks Review: Analysis of Services

Most people have simple requests. We take them into account when selecting the best translation websites for them, but BureauWorks surprised us. Its focus lies in giving solutions to those who need a convenient platform for translating their project, organizing a team, or getting other tasks done. It’s difficult to understand what exactly you could request and how to do it because the site is chaotic, and its content isn’t fluent. Check this sentence: “Perfect for who simply need to get things translated simply…” It’s awkward and confusing. But this line is even worse: “We were tired of Project Managers always placing jobs to their preferred linguists without any clear reasoning behind it besides, I trust them.” The last part sounds like a quote from a blog, and it isn’t professional in the slightest. Most importantly, it’s impossible to tell what the company is doing from this. But we did in-depth research, created an account, and outlined key services.

  • Translation management. Clients interested in getting their projects translated could use as a basic platform for their needs. It allows creating special glossaries, using other memory tools, coordinating actions, and simplifying the process of translation. The only issue is that it’s beyond difficult to understand how to use all these features.
  • Machine translation. If you want to translate a text but have no means for it, you could resort to machine translation. The company has tools that produce higher-than-normal accuracy rates. The quality of such work would still be dubious, but you’ll understand the basic meaning.
  • Editing. As our review has shown, clients could ask editors to proofread their machine translations. This enhances the quality of this type of work.
  • Automation. By using this system and integrating it with other platforms of your choice, you could synchronize your work processes. Order assignment, creation of new projects, and completion of old ones will be either entirely automatic or simplified.
  • Translation & localization services. You could use the services of translators if you want, but as BureauWorks reviews reveal, doing this is hard. You need to create an account and try to figure out the interface — it took us a long time.

Once we understood what to do, we got a translator to help us with our project. They promised that it would be done in a week. This was too long since the project was small and simple, but we agreed. We had to test these services to understand how we should rate them.

The Most Acute Part of BureauWorks Review: Prices

Prices concern everyone and every time. Some game localization services might be affordable, while others could cost you a fortune: it’s great to know where you stand from the start. Fortunately, BureauWorks charges adequate prices. The interesting element is that clients could use this platform for free during the first 14 days; after that, they should decide what package they want. If you want to use the features of the website, not counting personal translators, you could pay $9 per month. This would cover the costs for small teams or projects. Medium teams pay $8 for the same services, and a huge team should pay just $7. These are low prices, and they are displayed openly.

Prices for personal translators are more elusive. BureauWorks reviews don’t shine a light on this info, so we had to search for it ourselves. This is where our findings disappointed us. Translators put their own prices up, but managers and other employees pile on top of that. What you receive is a frankly ludicrous sum that ranges between $0.18-0.21 per word. This rate is offensive as numerous other agencies ask for lower prices. We weren’t sure what to think because the system of prices is mixed. Our project cost us $0.20 — this meant overpaying significantly.

Quality of Personalized Services at BureauWorks is it reliable? Quality always surpasses the importance of all other nuances. We hoped to find the best Hebrew translator in this agency, but alas, we were disappointed. Our translator did their work on time, but they lacked appropriate qualifications. The text had multiple mistakes and other issues. Some lines remained untranslated — it felt like translator forgot or missed them by accident. The style overall was rough and unrefined. We wanted a revision as we certainly didn’t receive what we paid for, but endless messages later, we gave up. Keep in mind that in case an expert does something wrong, you won’t have many chances of getting your document revised. reviews didn’t inspire much confidence either. Some of them are negative: clients complain about unclear interface and dubious quality. Translators dislike the lack of clarity regarding their work and other aspects. What worried us even more — fake comments. They sound positive, but they all appeal to other clients. They assure you that you’ll love this company, enjoy its work, and so on. Real customers don’t do this as this is plain marketing.

Complete List with Advantages & Disadvantages

Time to sum up what we discovered. Should you hire BureauWorks? Take a look at what it is best and worst at.


  • Diverse choice of offers. Multiple clients could utilize this site for controlling, performing, and automatizing their projects.
  • Low prices for system usage. Our review team liked how low the costs for generic help were. If a company or a personal user wants to utilize the website, they’ll be happy with how little they pay.
  • Solid background. The company has almost two decades of experience. This is an impressive achievement.


  • Confusing interface. It might take hours to understand how to use BureauWorks.
  • High prices for custom services. Hiring a translator is much too expensive. Other firms charge less.
  • Unsatisfying quality. Quality of custom assistance is too low — this is not a professional service.
  • Suspicious reviews. Most reviews are either negative or come across as utterly fake.

Make Your Hiring Choice Based on Facts

At the end of our review of BureauWorks, we felt torn. Clients won’t find the best medical translation services here for sure, but they can use the platform for useful features like automatization or management of translation. Prices are low for generic help, yet high when you look for real translators. Unfortunately, the quality is not sufficient. This helped us make our decision: we cannot recommend BureauWorks to you. If you want to synchronize a project but lack a platform, go ahead: you’ll find good features for low costs. But do not hire custom experts — you’ll be disappointed. Go through our other reviews and select the firm that knows what it is doing. A simpler interface will definitely be a plus!


The service is strange. I do not understand the concept of it. Better to hire a real human who will do accurate translation


Pricing is not adequate


did not stick to the deadline

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