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What is Included in Our Expert Babylon Translation Review?

As we have received many requests to do a Babylon Translation review, we thoroughly investigated all information about it online. We read customer reviews, placed an order, and estimated all parts of the company's operation to give you a full picture. Apart from software, Babylon has a human translation option for several industries. We decided to use this company's human service to check their quality for this review.

Babylon is a software company that provides solutions for home, business, and enterprises. This Israeli company is based in Or Yehuda city. Babylon Software was established in 1997 and now has 36 English-based dictionaries in 21 languages. This company’s software can work with 77 languages. Babylon Software aims to help large enterprises, small businesses, or individuals to save time and money using their tools.

Over the Internet, people rank Babylon highly. The marks aren’t top, because the software has some bugs, especially in its older versions. Also, there are issues with the support of this app, especially on Mac. Some other reviews mark it as an average software with its drawbacks, mostly the high price. Still, most customer reviews mention that they get all they need in a helpful app. As for human translation, there isn’t much feedback, so here we are to help you get to know more about this company.

Reviewing Translation Services on Offer

Babylon offers software for private users. It helps localize Internet pages, receive Wikipedia, and dictionary results. In the premium version, you can translate the whole document, paragraphs and perform text to speech transformation.

Also, Babylon online translator offers business solutions. This software boasts a simple interface, single-click functionality, corporate product support, and a quick deployment process across your company. This solution is customized, so you need to get a price quote to discuss all details of your product.

Next, this company has enterprise software options. Babylon website translation company can enable one-click access to important information about your enterprise systems such as EPR, CRM, and organizational portals. Also, it offers external integration with sources such as Wikipedia or dictionaries. This is not a translation tool but software to access organization information quickly.

Finally, this company offers human services. You can submit your request online and get accurate assistance from human experts. Babylon works globally and supports multiple file formats. This service states that 1 page can be done for 1 hour with some exceptions, so Babylon can deal with speedy orders. You can order technical, business, legal, medical industry documents. Luckily, there is 24/7 support available, which is good for global clients.

Prices, Special Features, Human Translation & Babylon Software Review

If you like their free version, you may download their paid version which has even more functions. Classic pack is $49 per year that includes translation at a click, 77 languages, document or text translation, offline dictionaries, human voice pack. Premium version is $99 a year and includes all of the above plus leading dictionaries, comprehensive coverage, and advanced results.

The price per word for human language assistance is $0.16, which is higher than the marketing average. This price is the same for all languages, so technical document translation services for our review document cost around $128. This is a bit pricier than usual, so if you need lots of documents, you may spend a lot.

Testing Babylon Software Quality

The quality of software at Babylone Translate is very good according to reviews. Most users say that they receive an accurate localization, which doesn’t change the context of the sentences. There are also lots of language options, and it integrates with the browser well. Click-to-translate option is very convenient, but the support isn’t so great.

We can approve what other customers say, but for human translation. First of all, we should say that placing an order and getting a price was tiresome, as we waited for quite a long for our review price quote. Still, payment went smoothly, and we started to wait for our technical documentation. Finally, when we received it, we gave it to our industry expert for review.

We decided to order a user manual from English to Italian. The expert said that they did a good job, but he doubted that the user experts did the order. They used the Babylon program first and then edited the text. There were some awkward word combinations for some terms that an expert wouldn’t miss. This is good for most general knowledge text, but may not be enough for certified German translation services or Italian translation services. The rest of the document was fine, but certain phrases didn’t look good overall - people just don’t say like that. Still, the text was good enough to be used as a manual.

Order for our review came on time, but lack of consistent support disappointed us. When we wanted to ask our first questions, we had to wait for quite a long time to connect to the support. Although they work 24/7, they aren’t always there to help.

Weighting in Pros & Cons

After research, our expert review team came up with this list of pros and cons that will be useful for every person considering using assistance from


  • Good computer software
  • 77 languages to choose from

  • Voice tools

  • Good dictionaries

  • Accurate human translation


  • Pricey service

  • Some signs of machine translation in documents

  • Support is not accessible

Overall, we feel that there are more pros than cons in this company. Everyone praises their software, but we tested human experts’ work. It was good enough to use afterwards, but we must say that the lack of professional translator expertise is a minus. Also, we didn’t like Babylon pricing, and always-absent support disappointed us.

The Final Conclusion

Babylon Translators is a company that offers desktop translation solutions for individuals, businesses, and enterprises. It offers a service that can translate a word when you click on it in your browser, desktop, and so on. In a paid version, you can also get many dictionaries and bulk text translations in 77 languages. You can also use voice tools and order human localization from this company.

All services of this company aren’t costly when it comes to buying software, but are higher than the market average for human translation. This is a bit overpriced because the final result isn’t perfect. Reviews at Translation Report tell about many companies who have the same quality but lower price. When we received our order for review, we understood that document was machine-generated and then edited, which is not as bad as it is. However, several mistakes could put off a native.

Both customer reviews and our review experience state that Babylon human translation has bad support. This concerns both machines and human translation. Support doesn’t answer instantly and is often elsewhere when you need them. We waited for a price quote for some time, which isn’t good if you are in a rush. Still, we can say that we were happy with timely delivery and overall product quality, although it isn’t top.


I’ve been using this company’s translation software for about a month now and, as expected, it’s not without flaws, but they do not prevent me from getting good use out of the app. I would say that it fits my needs but I can see some less patient users having issues with how it operates. I’d say it’s about average as far as translation software goes, but if you search well you will most likely find better options for the price.


Needless to say that all translations are pricey, I’ve realized that years ago, but because they are people usually expect quality that they wouldn’t be able to achieve on their own. Unfortunately translation I got didn’t strike me as top-tier. It’s quite basic and it doesn’t seem that translator went out of their way to make it sound good. To me, it just felt rough around the edges and sort of unfinished, which is underwhelming considering the cost.

A. Burgos

I contacted Babylon software to order a translation into Spanish for academic purposes. Their human translation actually impressed me and the translation quality was excellent. But I ran into quite a big inconvenience – I couldn’t for the life of me get in touch with their customer support, which wasn’t a deal-breaker but did put a damper on the overall experience.


They didn’t charge much and I liked the work they did on my document.

Allan T.

They need to have quicker turnarounds. They’re almost perfect.


The project manager assigned to my translation was professional and kept in regular contact throughout the process, which is a big plus, but I was not entirely impressed with the quality


Do not use this service for important documents.


It confused me that it took them a very long time to translate my documents.


weird that it took them so long, the translation seems to be completely machine-made and too dry…


I appreciate them being true always.

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