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We have received numerous requests to write an Adverbum review, which is one of the European translation agencies based in Latvia as we could find out by exploring the web. According to their website and press releases, they are a family-owned and run translation service that focuses mainly on Eastern European and Asian languages. What makes things relatively problematic with this service, as our expert team could learn, is their extensive use of machine translation tools and various solutions to offer better delivery times. While implementation of Translation Memory cannot be avoided in certain cases, it should not be the primary tool for a professional linguist as it is what must be absent among the best translation services. Requesting localization services and a short translation of a business patent, our experts have checked the final quality, speed, accuracy, affordability matters, and the presence of additional features.

Since we could not find a sufficient amount of AdVerbum reviews at sites like Trustpilot or Sitejabber, we had to rely upon our professional experience and quality of both documents that we have received by contacting this translation agency. As we are not affiliated with any service, our team aims for providing you with the safest and most reliable solutions for translation purposes.


Our experts were happy to discover a complete pricing scheme offered by the company. Currently, AD VERBUM offers the following:

  • Basic translation quality starts from €0.06. It stands for an entry-level quality where proofreading, editing, and linguistic consultation are not included. It sounds like a strange option to consider since they also claim that machine processing is used.
  • Economy translations represent their standard quality scheme and start from €0.10 per word. The difference here is that proofreading is included.
  • Premium quality is more expensive, yet prices are not listed.

As we worked on our order for our review, it ended up about €50 per page, making it €0.16 per word. It was mostly affordable since we went for their highest quality for translation and standard for our localization request.

Speaking of localization prices, our experts ended up paying way more than we expected as there was no information regarding how prices are being formed if code has been involved or when graphic design issues would have to be translated. It places this company in a somewhat unreliable category for those who want to calculate their mobile app or website localization budget.


We had no delivery issues, which is one of those aspects that other Ad Verbum reviews mention on Reddit and Quora. When we asked company’s specialists about patent translation services and the necessity of original formatting, customer support agent has told us that it will depend on what quality we choose and a list of translators that will be involved for each. The basic translation is the fastest because it is handled by a single linguist, economy option involves two people, and a higher-priced option will include three individuals, which will always take more time.

There were no problems with the submission deadline of our document, which was not the case with localization that was quickly abandoned as we could not reach the end of our project within our deadlines. It became a half-completed localization solution that would not satisfy demanding business clients or someone who runs a corporate website. We have been warned that localization is time-consuming, yet there were unexpected delays that did not occur due to communication issues.


Since Adverbum is often mentioned as the best Japanese translation company, we have chosen this Asian language for our patent document task. Our processed document involved editing, proofreading, and professional consulting service. Although we worked with a premium quality package, machine translation was all over our paper and there were serious formatting issues. Our Japanese native speaker said that some paragraphs had repetitions or phrases that have not been in the original English document.

Asking about is it reliable, we would not recommend this company for medical, technical, or those cases when one requires the best legal translation services. The same thing can be said about localization as AdVerbum experts tried to implement automation and AI-based tools to adjust short elements like menu sections or website navigation tips. Their consulting services were a better part of linguistic equation as they have friendly specialists who know their job but might not work at papers in question unless it is done verbally.

Ad Verbum Review: Customer Satisfaction

Oddly enough, Adverbum has very limited online coverage. There are no company profiles at Sitejabber or Trustpilot. They have been around since 2021 and their clients include Cisco, Siemens, McAffee, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Philips Healthcare, Court of justice of the European Union, and European Central Bank. One would suppose that a company like that would have online testimonials or information encountered elsewhere but it is not the case here. The very few reviews talk about good delivery times and inclusion of over 150 languages with a focus on Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Baltic region languages and dialects. They also offer over 3,500 linguists. Regardless of subject, we had no shortage of available translators for our tasks. What makes things rather strange is their approach to translation business where three different specialists work together.

Based on our linguistic task and localization experience, we would not suggest this company for urgent or overly complex tasks. AdVerbum may have good delivery times with affordable prices, yet workflow methods or use of non-human processing make it necessary to spend hours editing or checking things manually to avoid mistakes.

Certified Translation Services

Here is where things get significantly better as Adverbum provides an extensive list of certifications. Some of them, mentioned at, include ISO 17100:2015, ISO 9001:2015, and an information security standard called ISO 27001:2013. They are also members of the European Language Industry Association and GALA member company. They also provide privacy policy pages, which offer an additional security layer. It keeps your data safe as it is being processed or handled by the company's specialists. It is an important aspect for those who want to focus on technical tasks or localization of video games. Writing our review of AdVerbum, we also found out helpful information about how their linguists are tested, which sounds true if one talks to their consultants. Still, neural machine approach seems to provide certain flaws as documents still require additional editing due to odd phrases. Nevertheless, it’s one of the language agencies that stay honest about their methods, providing all information upon request. It has earned them a positive point as we composed our review.

AdVerbum Review: Cons and Pros

We can give this translation business 3.4 out of 5 stars because there were serious negative points that are too bad to ignore or positive aspects that are not always encountered. It’s a good translation company with friendly customer support and professional linguists, yet there are translation issues that were encountered during our work on this AdVerbum review that make it an agency to avoid for tasks where human translation methods are obligatory.


They provide a good breakdown of available quality options with prices. Their customer support is always patient and friendly. A wide range of services, Eastern European languages makes them a company to consider for specific tasks. They are also good for consulting purposes and are easy to communicate with. It’s an agency that provides honest information about linguistic methods.


Machine translation tools are implemented, which affects the final quality, thus requiring additional editing. A higher-priced option may be beyond affordability for some people. The basic option does not include proofreading, which is unacceptable even to offer for a professional company.


I paid 1 week ago. They do not send any email about payment received and work progress. Now, 2 days passed since their promise date when I asked through chat, 2 times delay already. No notice at all when will be done. I called the phone number on the website, it is not a working number, just disconnected. Somebody called me and I couldn't understand her English at all and she didn't mine. I so regret to select this agency.


The website is full of unnececery ads that disturbs the uses of this website.


Google translate is better than y'all… regretted paying for your shit services


I approached this translation service with high expectations, only to be sorely disappointed. Their lack of attention to detail is baffling. From misspelled words to grammatical errors, it's clear that they have no regard for precision. It's like they threw my carefully crafted text into a blender and served up a messy linguistic smoothie. If you value accuracy and precision in your translations, steer clear of this service that seems to have a knack for turning perfection into imperfection.


Poor project management, disorganized and chaotic process!


I received no information about the qualifications or experience of their translators, which left me in the dark about their credentials.


Don’t use their localization service…they're terrible


fake language translators


When it comes to delivering urgent quality translations, I don’t advice anyone to stick with them. They are super poor with urgent deliveries

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