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Objective Overview

Academic Translation Services is a company that intrigued us from the start. In the years of our research into quality translation services, we kept overlooking it because of its name: it’s so universal and generic that we never thought it was an independently functioning agency. Some of our readers drew our attention to it, asking us for our opinion, so we decided to test it personally. It’s unclear how many years this translation company has been operating for, but it’s large enough to have grown a team of more than 1000 linguists who work with diverse language pairs. It holds ISO 9001:2015 certification, implying that it follows specific quality standards. After reading some online reviews, we noted that many people don’t seem to be pleased, though. So, we’ve submitted our own order, asking for resume translation, and began out an evaluation for an unbiased review of AcademicTranslationServices. 

Range of Offers

Academic Translation Services works with more than 100 languages. It offers different options of translations, so you could ask for a simple, ‘rush’, same day, or next day ones. There is also a certified translation available. More than that, the firm claims it has 100% USCIS acceptance, so if you are an immigrant, you’ll be able to find the assistance you need here. All offers are described openly on the company’s website, the only drawback is that it’s not clear which industries it supports. Based on its name and the description of its services, it focuses on academic as well as legal types of work.

  • If you need to translate diplomas, business cards, a passport, or other documents, you’ll be able to do it here.
  • Marriage, death, divorce, and other certificates translation is available.
  • Transcription is provided if you work with audio or video files.
  • There is a subtitling service that could create or translate subtitles for you.
  • A typing option is present, so if you have handwritten files that need translation, Academic Translation Services will do it in the electronic form.
  • Voice over service exists for clients who have video projects.

Prices and Their Affordability 

One of the interesting quirks of this firm is that it promises the same price for all language combinations. Obviously, we can’t really check it, but chances are, it’s true. The minimal prices start at $0.10 for one word. It’s a little expensive. All pricing info is provided on the site, so it’s a plus since Academic Translation Services doesn’t try to hide the costs from its clients.

Quality Assessment  

This agency is at work 24/7. We made sure of it by contacting it at night: the operator connected with us almost instantly and answered our questions. The negative side is that we spent almost 20 minutes trying to get these answers because the person talking to us didn’t understand us well enough. Their English was flawed and the response time between each question was pretty slow.

The translated resume we received arrived by our deadline, but it was very far from ideal. We wouldn’t say it was done via machine, but human involvement still felt mechanical in nature. Our original resume was written in a quirky and humorous tone, but all these nuances were lost in translation. One line disappeared entirely, even though it listed an important part of our work experience. So the quality was really disappointing. 

Pros vs. Cons of This Service

Academic Translation Services is certainly trying to please its clients and increase their number. It offers a wide range of services and holds relevant certifications. The prices are only a little bit higher than the market average. But its employees don’t seem to be in the top form: they were slow and professional translators lacked sufficient expertise. If we submitted such a resume to any employer, we’d be unlikely to make a good impression. 

Our AcademicTranslationServices Review

 Quality is crucial, and unfortunately, we didn’t get it here. Academic Translation Services is definitely not the best agency despite its attractive offers. As a result, we give it 3 stars and hope that it’ll improve its performance in the future for the sake of its customers.


Writing a personal statement for the French college, I needed a quality translation that would tell of my personality. Unfortunately, the translation that I received lacked certain expressions and the last paragraph somehow appeared in the middle. I could not send such translation over to a foreign country and missed the application deadline.


Although they have relevant language certificates and claim that their experts have sufficient academic background, there were some mistakes in my HR management paper. Although the paper was delivered on time and was affordable, the quality could be better.


If I was asked to pay after service, I won't have paid a dime. The quality of the work done was totally unacceptable. It's a total waste of money for me.


Not the best translation service…. They couldn’t translate my spanish certificate properly even after charging a very high fee.

Sanaya Irvine

They are the least efficient translation service I've used. They couldn’t properly translate a one page document and that speaks volume of their level.


Delayed delivery without good reason. What's wrong with you?


the translation service did not take into account all my recommendations and this resulted in an inappropriate translation




I couldn’t possibly have seen their awful translation coming…there were no signals


Hello, thanks for always meeting my deadlines. I know I can continue to rely on you guys always

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